Halo hair extensions are non-premant extensions pieces that you can take in and out as your please. Each hair piece is custom designed for you by our halo hair extension experts.

The weight of the hair is measured in grams, this varies depending on the length of the hair. Typically a hair halo will have anywhere from 75- 150 grams of hair.

Halo hair extensions are made from 100% human Remy hair. This is the best quality of hair for silky, soft shiny hair that wont tangle.

The benefits of halo hair extensions is that you get volume, length and thickness for rich body and style instantly, without damaging your hair clips or glue.

The Process

1. Your head is measured and a custom hair piece is created to fit your head shape and size.
2. Then we decide together how much volume your want in your halo hair piece. This means how may width of hair will be in your piece. Typically for volume we use two widths and for length 3-4 widths.
3. Next your hair color is matched perfectly. We can add highlights or low lights for a multi-dimensional, natural look.
4. The hair is glazed for added brilliant shine
5. One final fitting and your customized halo hair piece is ready to be trimmed and styled for you!