No More Bleach!

Have you experience horrible hair damage after getting highlights done? Are you experiencing extreme hair fall and breakage? You’re not alone. Most people experience these damages after getting highlights done with the bleach. The fault lies in the processesing time and products used by the hairstylist or colorist.

We firmly believe that it takes years of experience, learning and talent to call yourself a hair stylist. As a seasoned hair stylist, you cannot use products that can cause harm to your client’s hair, skin or scalp.

Bleach: The Culprit behind Hair Damage

Hair highlighting products and techniques that involve the use of bleach can prove incredibly damaging for the hair. Bleach damages the hair shaft and scalp by altering the pH levels. Are you wondering why your hair has become so frail and brittle after the highlights session?

You see, it’s the bleach that has changed the pH level of your scalp, causing your hair to become overly frail and vulnerable to breakages. Exposing the hair to a substance as harmful and ergodic as bleach is an instant recipe for disaster, and yet, some hairstylists continue to use bleach without the fear of repercussions.

We are always appalled by the lack of awareness around the use of hair products and treatments containing bleach. Highlighting the hair with bleach is ergodic, and it not only causes the results to be unstable and inconsistent but more alarmingly, your color will shift within weeks of the session.

Highlights are not just for blondes:

Remember bleach is commonly used in all shades of highlighting to lift color- We believe in highlighting with hi lifters that help achieve multidimensional color at any level without damaging the hair shaft.

A Safer & Healthier Alternative

At the Tomy B Salon, we offer a safer and healthier alternative: bleach-free highlights!

Health and wellness lies at the heart of all our treatments and services. We provide bleach-free highlights using a high-lifter. We carefully lift the shade up to 4 shades to maintain the vitality, luster and strength of your strands. After the session, your hair will look radiant and feel healthy.

We firmly advise against the use of hair products and treatments that contain bleach because it’s hard to tell how much damage your scalp and hair has experienced. We advise safe and healthy treatments, and our high lift highlight session is designed to beautify the color without causing any damages.

For further information on our high lift highlights sessions, feel free to get in touch with our experienced hair stylists. Book your appointment today, we’ll be happy to sit down for a detailed chat!