How We Work With Curly Hair…

We LOVE curly hair and we want to help you Rock Your Curls!  Only women with curly hair can understand how challenging it can be to handle unruly locks. While curly hair is full of personality, character, body, volume and is just gorgeous…curly hair can also be unpredictable and uncontrollably wild. It takes a great curly haircut and finding the products to get curly hair looking its best. A proper hair care routine, the right styling products and the perfect curly haircut  can make working with your hair easier – and have you falling in love with your curly locks.

Here we share all the important tips and tricks to make your hair look shiny and strong, healthy and full of life!

How to detangle curly hair:

  • ONLY BRUSH WHEN WET. Curly hair should only be detangled when it is wet. Right after washing your hair, apply a small amount of styling cream or hair serum and begin to detangle.

The most common problem women with curly hair have  is the tangles, and breakage which makes it hard to handle. The best way to tackle this problem is to get a wide tooth comb and detangle the hair from the bottom when it is we. Gently move the comb from the tips of the hair, detangling every knot. The wide tooth comb is best option as it will not damage your curly hair and detangle efficiently without disrupting the natural curl pattern.

  • Styling Products:Finding the right hair products to define and moisturize your curls take a little bit of trial and error. Some women find that mousse or gel work best in defining their curls. Other women enjoy softer hair, and choose styling cream and hair serum… We find that most women end up with some combination of a moisturizing styling product and a control product (whether that be hair spray, gel or mousse).
    • Use Hydrating products:  If your only using a control product to style your curls, make sure your shampoo and conditioner is moisturizing. Curly hair tends to be dry and needs a little extra TLC. We recommend that women with curly hair avoid over washing as well.  

How we cut curly hair?

Curly hair should always be cut CURLY! We need to see how your curl dries, bounces and waves. How we cut curly hair…

We start with a hair consultation, seeing your natural curly hair and how you style daily.

We wash your hair with cleansing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. We will discuss what hair product we recommend using for your curl type and we diffuse your hair.

We cut your hair after it is dry and diffused.


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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