Hair Stylist Tomy Biton’s Story

Tomy Biton- founder & stylist

I began styling hair at the age of 16 in Israel. Growing up with an absorbent amount of energy and creativity, beauty school became the outlet. I was eager to escape the daily monotony of the classroom and hair seemed to solve all of my issues. My abilities were recognized immediately and my teacher set me up with one of the most prestigious apprenticeships in France.

I was sent for a summer program to study with Jean Pierre Luc. An innovative and very well known hair stylist that took the time to understand who I was and educate me on how to be the best person I could be. From perfecting my skills to interacting with elite clients and running a business Jean Pierre was the greatest influence on my teenage life. I valued every moment I spent in his shadow.

Jean Pierre was one of the first teachers that never tried make me do things his way but watched as I recreated the same look using my own innate techniques. I respected Jean Pierre because he respected me.

After France, I came to the United States working with a company that specialized in hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces. I traveled the United States working on celebrities, movie sets and stages from Vegas to New York to Miami.

I decided that traveling the country with a pair scissors had given me enough experience, knowledge, and connections in the industry to open my own hair design studio.

Tomy B. Salon opened in 2001 in Old Westbury, Long Island. Nestled in the woods it was the ideal creative space to bring Long Island’s men and women the best that hair styling could offer.

As my talents spread much wider than just hair, chemistry and science I also found success on wall street. With proper funding, Tomy B. Products launched a few years later. I found that the tools of the industry put a cap on my abilities. For full autonomy and the ability to design anything I could imagine, I needed my own line. I was able to bring my clients the vibrant pure pigmentations any hair artist would dream of. Pure color, no harsh chemicals - a constantly evolving line with the latest and the best technology in hair design. From the purest color line on the market to eliminating all bleach from my salon I was able to create a line of hair color, styling products, and hair extensions that delivered the very best results.

Tomy Biton

Hairstylist &