Discover Shimmering Depth With Tone On Tone Hair Coloring

If you’re looking to add multi-dimensional depth and shine to your hair color, it’s time to discover tone on tone at Tomy B. Salon of Long Island, NY. We amp up the shimmer and shine factor by expertly applying two or more shades to your natural hair color. With every swing of your tresses, you’ll experience a heavenly cascade of color depth that will leave your friends begging you for your hairstyling secrets.

At Tomy B. Salon we specialize in tone on tone coloring services that are perfect for clients who want an edgier, glamorous look without committing to a totally different hair color. Tone on tone is also a great way to revive your hair color in between your regular colorings. By adding that extra dimension of “high-def” hair color, you’ll never have to experience the washed-out look that happens between hair colorings.

Whether you want to spruce up your current shade or are looking for a natural glow, discover tone on tone coloring services today at Tomy B. Salon