Collagen Infusing Smoothing Hair Treatment: Why your hair needs this hair treatment to combat frizz and humidity?

We all love summer, but in Long Island, summer always comes with an unwanted friend: humidity. No one likes frizzy hair cascading down their back with tangled strands that are awfully difficult to maintain. If your summer hair goals are compromised because of humidity spells, you need to boost your hair with collagen.

Come summer, it’s vital to nurture and strengthen your hair with essential nutrients and hydrating treatments to fight the awful frizz and dryness. Humidity and heat deprive our hair and scalp of their essential nutrients and proteins, soaking up all the moisture and natural oils.

If you do nothing to stop your hair from drying out, your tresses will become increasingly frizzy and hard to manage. Luckily, we’ve designed the perfect solution for this conundrum: Our collagen-infused hair smoothing treatment.

What is a Collagen Infusing Smoothing Hair Treatment?

What is a collagen-infused hair treatment, and how will it help you combat Long Island’s humid summer season? Collagen is a powerful fibrous protein that enhances hair growth and longevity, and smooths out the texture by restoring hydration and moisture in the scalp.

It hydrates the scalp from deep within, infusing it with essential nutrients and proteins to nourish and nurture your hair. Starting summer with a collagen-infused hair treatment is just the hair investment you need to rock smooth and shiny hair all summer-long!

Collagen is an integral structural protein that protects bodily tissues, skin and hair. You must have noticed hundreds of collagen-based products and skincare treatments. That’s because collagen is an absolute necessity for the health of skin, scalp and hair. If your natural collagen production is slow, and the humidity is stealing moisture from your strands, your hair will become dry, weak and lifeless.

Our collagen infused hair treatment will pour new life into your hair by locking moisture deep within your scalp and strands. The proteins will make your hair smoother and shinier with increased elasticity. Collagen strengthens the hair, making the strands less vulnerable to sun damage, breakage and thinning.

If you typically invest hundreds of dollars on frizz-control products, a collage treatment will eliminate all those expenses by calming the frizz. It will enrich your hair with a smooth texture and a glossy touch to brave the summer heat with fabulous hairstyles and glamorous statements.