Long Island Hair Salon: Our Personalized Hair Recovery Systems Help You Flaunt Healthy & Beautiful Hair

Healthy hair represents youth, vitality, and a healthy body. Beautify your appearance by taking care of your hair, when your hair is looking its best you are looking your best.  The same way we take care of  our skin and body hair also needs pampering and nurturing to maintain their health, strength and volume.

We all enjoy experimenting with different hair styles, but coloring our locks with damaging dyes, undergoing excessive processing and chemical treatments can lead to frail, broken and damaged dull hair. While experimentation adds the spice in style, unfortunately, it also damages our hair, often beyond repair.

But at the Long Island Hair Salon, we firmly believe that hair can never be beyond repair, for we always have a solution for every problem!

Personalized Hair Recovery Systems

We firmly believe that healthy hair is beautiful, and there is no one-fits-all solution for hair restoration and regrowth. We all have unique scalp concerns and hair growth issues, and therefore, each client needs a personalized solution to address their unique concerns.

With that thought in mind, we created our personalized hair recovery systems to address individual problems and restore damaged hair with specialized treatments. Our treatments include lipid complex and collage hair treatments to address concerns and ensure deep nourishment.

First we set up a consultation appointment to look at your hair and discuss your hair issues. Hair damage can be caused be bleach, chemical processes, allergic reactions, overprocessing all done at home o r at asalon. There is also damages and hair loss or breakage due to medical issues. whether you have recently gone through surgery, are on a new medication or even had covid and are not experiencing hair loss. Together we will find the cause of your hair loss or breakage and work through the issues together to stop the breakage and help you grow healthier, stronger and shinier hair.

Our personalized hair recovery systems treat hair with the following nutrients/compounds:

  • Lipid Complex Hair Treatment

Lipid complex hair treatments plump up and soften the hair, infusing them with the nourishing power of omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help lock moisture in the locks, hydrating the scalp and roots from deep within. This treatment will make your tresses incredibly soft and easy to detangle by running your fingers through the locks.

  • Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment

This treatment serves the purposes of eliminating or reducing the awful frizz, and strengthening hair by bonding the locks with protein and elastin. Protein infuses the hair with strength, while elastin increases elasticity to support healthy growth.