Hair Extensions

We guarantee the highest quality work and 100% human hair extensions

Halo Hair Extensions

No-damage hair extensions used to add volume or length. Easy to take in and out yourself, for everyday wear.

Seamless Tape-In Extensions

Designed to last 4-8 weeks, this permanent hair extension system is custom made for each individual.

Clip-In Extensions

Ideal for special events, the perfect accessory to enhance any formal hair style. Custom made, takes 1-3 weeks to order and design.

Cylinder Bead Extensions

Beaded hair extensions stalled in small sections used for volume or in conjunction with another hair extension system.

Your Best Secret Accessory

There are several hair extension systems available at our Long Island hair salon. Each hair extension system is custom made to match your hair color, texture and hair type. Whether you are looking for length, volume or both we can help you find the perfect hair extensions for your hair type.

Complimentary Consultation

Schedule a consultation with one of our hair extension experts. They will help you decide on the best hair extension system for you. During your consultation we will discuss length, color and desired look. You will receive a price quote and maintenance schedule. Call 516-621-4100 to speak with a long island hair extension expert today.