Is the old wise tale true?… “you should never brush your hair when it is wet”

The facts- aggressively brushing your hair while it is wet can cause breakage. Hair is more fragile while wet.. which just means you need to take an extra step to care for your hair properly and brush it gently.

You should brush your hair while it is wet to detangle. Most important is the tool that you use. Use either a wide tooth comb and section your hair or a soft bristled brush like “the wet brush”. Also start from the bottom gently combing out any knots and then work your way up, being gentle on your hair while it is wet is key in avoiding breakage and damage.

The next life lesson every girl with curly hair learns is— “never brush your hair if it is curly” Brushing out DRY curly hair will cause unmanageable frizz, make your hair big and puffy!

How to brush curly hair? While your hair is wet and saturated with conditioner or a conditioning styling product section the hair and comb out well.. (you can use a comb or a soft bristled hair brush). This will detangle curly hair without causing frizz, damage or breakage. Once you brush your hair let it dry with its natural texture and do not brush again until it is wet!

Was Marsha Brady Right? – “You should brush your hair 100 times before bed”

Brushing you hair can help keep your hair healthy and growing long and strong.
But, it is not so much your hair that matters as it is your scalp. When brushing your scalp you are rejuvenating the hair follicle by bringing blood to the area. Heather follicle leads to healthier hair. Messaging your scalp with a wooden bristled hair brush before bed can make for healthier —- while 100 strokes is not necessary as long as you are gentle you can’t over brush!

Do I need more than one hair brush?
YES- how many different brushes do you have in your make up bag? Every brush has an purpose. You need a brush to detangle while wet, detangle while dry, one for styling and shine….

Use a wide tooth comb or soft bristled hair brush when detangling wet hair. When detangle dry hair (not for anyone with curly hair) use a paddle brush— Founder of Tomy B. Salon suggests using a paddle brush with wooden bristles. A boar bristled hair brush is perfect for polishing your look and adding shine. Finally when styling your hair use a round brush with a blow dryer—- (DO NOT use a round brush to detangle your tresses!)

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