Cooking is an art and a great fun too! As the big Thanksgiving holiday is around, it’s the time to put all of your cooking skills and magic at work and create all the delicious and mouth watering dishes with such a grace and beauty that leaves everyone awe-inspired. Thanksgiving is not just about prepping a big meal, making your home look fabulously festive and entertaining everyone, it’s also the time to look absolutely gorgeous and inspiring to the guests. Hairs are the very first part of your appearance that people notice! Here we share some tips and tricks to take care of your hair while cooking the lavish meals and presenting yourself in the best possible way as a host of the lavish feast.

Thanksgivingplanned out

This is going to be a very busy day with most of the time in the kitchen, preparing multiple dishes and doing all the arrangements but this does not mean that you will end up smelling garlic or get your hair frizz up while cooking the turkey. You can manage looking absolutely stunning even with all the frying, cooking and working with various scents of ingredients. There is one magical tip; Planning ahead. You must plan few days before the big holiday, with all the minutest details about what to cook, what ingredients to buy, what time to start cooking and not just that! You must visit a hair salon to get the required hair treatment, trendiest hair color and cut and what hair style and outfit to wear while serving the feast. This will save you from unnecessary panic and fuss and you will be ready for it with elegance.

Cover Your Hair While Cooking

One of the basic rules of clean and hygienic cooking is to keep your hair covered while cooking the meals. Whenever you go to the areas near heat or fire there are chances of hair loss, burn and frizziness. This may ruin your pleasure and the party looks that you hoped. Best option to save your hair and keep up the hair look is to cover them properly while cooking. You can wear a chef cap or wrap them up in a cotton or rayon cloth this will prevent hair falling into food, catching the unpleasant smells and getting burnt from heat and fire.

Tie Your Hair Properly

You must have visited your favorite hair salon to get a perfect haircut and trendiest color and you would never like to spoil your pleasure while cooking food for the Thanksgiving. Better to tie your hair in a braid or make a bun while working near fire because the long hair tends to fall due to hand friction or get easily damaged because of excess heat.

A Simple Yet Perfect Hair Style

Be practical and preplan a hairstyle that will be easier for you to make in the shortest possible time and looks stylish too. You can opt to a wavy bob, side braid or a messy bun to complete the lovely look of the day.