Tomy Biton has created a hair styling line with a personalized take on hair care and styling. Each client is given a personalized look and attentive care to accentuate natural beauty.

Tomy Biton is announcing its grand opening of a newly renovated boutique hair salon located in the heart of  Williston Park, NY. Easily accessed from all major highways, this upscale salon is a destination not worth missing out on! From an exclusive product line to extraordinary results this salon is stirring up a lot of talk in the area.

Since recognizing his passion for beauty at a young age, Tomy Biton has expanded this passion into a successful career. Biton, seeing opportunity for creativity and financial success, founded Tomy B. Salon, a hair salon dedicated to providing top of the line hair care. While other salons use cheap, superficial products which can cause long term damage to hair, Tomy B. Salon ensures that all products used are of the highest quality and guarantee revitalized youth and beauty.

Tomy B. Salon works to provide the best possible results to their clientele, no matter the services required or past history. The salon specializes in rejuvenating hair that has suffered years of abuse from bleaches, dyes, and overexposure to elements or chemicals. The products used at the salon are free of formaldehyde and bleaches, and filled with natural ingredients which cause hair to seemingly radiate a healthy glow.

The services provided by Tomy B. Salon are carefully catered to each and every client. Whether the client needs styling, hair cutting, coloring, or nourishing, the salon is able to provide a personalized experience for any occasion. With a team of professionals each garnering years of experience, the Tomy B. Salon team expertly highlights and beautifies the client’s hair – one of their most striking and impressionable features.

Tomy Biton has created and upheld a service like no other. The salon attributes much of their success to their core values. By putting the client first, the salon shows that actions speak louder than words. After turning out fabulous feats of beauty and individualism through stylish hair, Biton has proven time and time again the reputation that comes with his services.

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