After a couple of grueling experiences with coloring my own hair at home, I often wondered if the advertisements were just a ploy to get us to buy the product. In reality, the hair damage is far worse than the joy that came from stylizing my own look. After spending hours online, I came across an astonishing revelation: The box hair colors are NOT good for our hair and cause damage. My next visit to the salon proved the myth right. So that you do not end up making the same mistake that I did, here are a few reasons to explain why DIY hair colors are bad for you.
Box colors use the same developer for everyone
The box colors use a 12% developer because they know that it would have some kind of an effect on all hair types. However, a stylist would know the difference. Some hair types need a 9% hair developer while others show results at 3% as well. He would go for the one which would suit the hair type in front of him.

Hair salons have experts for the job
The person at the salon who is authorized to color your hair is an artist who understands the intricacies involved in the job. The pre-packed box color can’t know your hair better than the artist who has certified knowledge in this field. He treats your hair like a piece of art and customizes the color for every person depending on the skin tone, hair condition, gray hair etc. This level of detailing can’t be expected from the box color.

The bottle will not give the perfect application
Let me tell you that applying the color from the bottle over a bathroom sink is not the same as getting it applied by a professional. A professional will calculate the correct processing time and make sure not to leave you blotchy and missing patches.  I know it because I have seen the difference when there was no cuticle damage, damaged dry hair unlike all those times when I would see the hair color fading away on my dying hair every time I gave them a wash after the DIY hair color application leaving me with no other option but to have them cut off.

Boxed colors are diluted
Ever had the experience where you went out for the blonde and ended up with orange hair? It is horrendous experience and one you wouldn’t want to try. If you want the perfect shade, go to the salon. A great hair color line is not diluted with ppds or ammonia  and is in its purest form; salon color is stable and wont fade as fast as boxed color.

If you love your hair as much as you claim to, then do not go for the cheaper alternatives. Box colors are nothing but a disaster formula for your hair. No matter what you do, the end result would never be like the celebrities in the advertisements so why bother. Head over to the salon and leave the job to the experts and watch them work while you enjoy your cup of coffee.