How We Work With THICK HAIR..

Some women are born with fabulously thick hair which is a blessing — but taking care and styling thick hair can be a tedious task. Managing and toning down your ‘wild-mane’ is something we specialize in. We teach you how to work with your thick hair, give you a great haircut to shape your face and get rid of some of that heaviness associated with thick hair.

  • The Right Haircut For Thick Hair

Our expert hairstylist will discuss with you what type of thick hair you have. Some people have a ton of fine hair, others have very coarse thick strands and some just have a lot of heavy thick hair! We will create a haircut and style that will enhance your face structure and personality while eliminating the bulk and heaviness. An undercut will make your hair feel lighter, move easier and keep your length.

*** THICK HAIR TIP – never get too many layer on top, this will cause separation and create a “shelf”

  • How To Reduce the Frizziness:

Thick hair with frizzy texture may feel like doubled up the trouble. Frizzy hair can be unmanageable and thickness makes it more difficult to control, blow dry and style. Serums and leave-in conditioners can also help, but if you really want to help your hair, the Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment will eliminate frizz, cut down blow dry time and help hold your style better — longer. 

HAIR LOVES HEAT- so don’t be afraid to use styling tools!

Use flat iron, curling iron & styling tools. When you seal the cuticle, your hair will look and feel sleeker and shinier.

Avoid Over-Washing…

Try washing your hair once a week or less, Thick hair tends to be dry and coarse and looks better days after washing. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is a great way to keep thick hair healthy and shiny. We recommend using a styling cream to tame frizz before blow drying.

Thick Hair:


*Only Wash Once A Week

*Use Moisturizing Hair Products

*Undercuts are your best friend!


Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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