The Ultimate Solution for Dry Staticy Hair that are Common during the Winter Chill

We all love winter and desperately wait for the chilly months to flaunt our favorite scarves, trench coats, leather jackets and knee-high boots. Lost in our dress-up excitement and insta-worthy outfits, we often neglect the need to prepare an extensive winter hair care regime. Most people realize the damage and dryness their locks have suffered in the dead of the winter, when most of the damage is done.

Long winters are notorious for making our hair excessively dry and staticy. It’s easier to notice dry and scaly skin on the hands and face, but what about the hair roots and scalp? Our scalp and hair need deep hydration and moisture to prevent the chill of stealing their moisture and proteins.

Lipid Complex Treatment

Are you constantly struggling with obnoxious tangles and static? Does your hair damage occur from the knots caused by the friction of your scarf, jacket or sweater? Is your hair becoming excessively dry, resulting in brittle and easily breakable strands?

If you relate to these hair conundrums, allow us to present the ultimate solution: Hair moisturizing lipid complex treatment!

At the Long Island Hair Salon, we believe in combining nature’s goodness with scientific research to curate hair care solutions that nourish the scalp and roots from deep within. We don’t believe in lathering our clients with products that deliver short-lived solutions and lasting damage. In contrast, we believe in nourishment and rejuvenation, and our lipids complex treatment is a revolutionary transformation for dry and brittle locks.

So, how does it work? It’s quite simple. Lipid complex are deeply hydrating and moisturizing compounds that nourish the hair by hydrating the scalp and roots from deep within. The treatment, paired with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, will work wonders at restoring the beauty and softness of your locks.

But is a treatment enough to rejuvenate your hair if you don’t prioritize your winter hair care regime? Certainly not! No treatment will suffice if your strands don’t receive regular pampering, moisture and care. We strongly advise our clients to avoid using DIY hair oil masks as they oil causes pores to clog throughout the scalp and face.

More alarmingly hair oil masks give rise to ingrown hairs, scalp breakouts, fungus growth and eye irritation. Shift to our lipid complex solution to enjoy convenience with an effortless moisture-locking hair care solution.