Holiday Hairstyles – How to Wear Your Hair for Thanksgiving
It is that time of the year again when everyone is excited about the prospect of dressing up and preparing to head out with family and friends for a well-deserved retreat away from the daily grind of work and chores. Like other holidays, Thanksgiving brings with it an open invitation to unleash your creativity and ideas with unique costumes, makeup, and hairdos that make you look beautiful. Here are some of our favorite picks of hairstyles you can try out with confidence this Thanksgiving:

Hairstyles for Thanksgiving:

1. Keep it Simple:

The holidays are a time for relaxing with your family and loved ones, and what better way than to relax than using a simple hair do this Thanksgiving? You will not have to spend so much time on prepping or styling, and you will manage to pull off the perfect casual look for a relaxing day. Try a simple roll up using your favorite hair comb or only use a few bobby pins to hold your hair in place.

2. The French Braid:

Straightforward the French Braid stands out as an elegant hairstyle that works for every occasion. Add a headband, barrette, or ribbon for a dash of color, and let the braid hang down freely. If you have short hair, or you want to keep your braid out of the way, style it to one side instead of letting it hang down.

3. Let Your Hair Hang Down:

It is perfectly natural to be overwhelmed with preparations for Thanksgiving, but you still do need to look your best at the dinner table. One of the easiest ways of achieving a glamorous look is by leaving your hair down. There are endless styles you can adopt this method from curling to straightening, adding barrettes, or leaving your hair on its own for an extra dash of sophistication.

4. The Unsophisticated Pony Tail:

A timeless classic, the simple, classic ponytail is perfect for having your hair tied back and out of your way. The best results come from a ponytail secured high up on your head. You can fold down the hair twice to add some volume. Remember,  this year’s Thanksgiving hairdos are all about keeping it simple, and if Hollywood celebs can confidently wear ponytails on the red carpet, so can you.

5. The Half Up Hair Do:

While this style may require some careful preparation and styling, it will add a fabulous finishing touch to your formal and casual outfits. Start out by braiding part of your hair, or clipping it back under a barrette. You can also use bobby pins, a headband, or a ribbon to achieve the same look. Then start twisting the top half of your hair to the side and securing it firmly. Let the rest of your hair be free, and there you have it – a standout hairdo that works well with different outfits, both formal and casual.