Summer is just around the corner – and while that means barbecues, beach parties and warm evenings under the stars, it’s also the season of a dreaded epidemic: “humidity hair.” You know exactly what we’re talking about. You spend all morning getting your hair looking just right, only to watch it turn into a gigantic frizz ball as soon as you step outside into the humidity.

Humidity hair is certainly one of the biggest annoyances of summer fun, but you don’t have to grin and bear it. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your hair looking perfect and healthy without constantly worrying you look like a hot mess.

When you wash your hair, make sure that you squeeze all excess water out of it. Any dampness in your hair is a recipe for disaster, as it will cause your strands to start frizzing as soon as you step outside. When towel-drying hair, abstain from rubbing it with a towel, as this will only make the problem worse. Instead, section off your hair and squeeze gently from root to tip until water no longer runs off your strands.

Define Retexture CreamAfter this step, apply a smoothing serum to your damp hair. Place a pump or two of serum on the palm of your hand (the more hair you have, the more serum you should use), rub it together, and run over your hair. Make sure you rake through your strands to ensure that the serum reaches all of your hair. Avoid going too heavy with the serum on your roots, as this can make your strands look greasy and heavy (definitely NOT the look you want to add to your frizz troubles).

2oz_Shine_Serum BlkIf you’re getting frizzy on the go, keep a small bottle of frizz serum in your purse for emergency touch-ups. If you don’t have your serum on you, don’t panic: simple rub some hand lotion between your palms and gently tousle your hair. Keep raking your fingers through your hair until you see smooth and shiny hair again.

If you’ve gone too heavy with the serum, not to worry: dry shampoo can fix up any heavy-handed application in a jiffy. Keep a bottle of dry shampoo at your work desk and in your purse for when you look like you just auditioned for a part in Grease.