With winter kicking off at a slow pace, trendy and stylish folks have gained some extra time to get their closets in order. Winter time is a chance to freely accessorize and show off the latest trends in protective outerwear that keeps you warm, comfortable, and looking your best no matter where you are. It is extremely important to stay warm and protected from the cold weather which can cause all kinds of problems – but who said you couldn’t look amazing while doing it? Read on for our top picks of hair accessories for the winter.

Warm and Trendy Hair Accessories for the Winter:
We searched high and low for the best hair accessories that would look good with any outfit. Whether you are spending time in an important meeting at work or out running errands, these accessories will keep you cozy in style:

1. Brooches, Barrettes, and Clips:

2016 was the year of bejeweled hair accessories. From the ramps in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, London, and New York to busy downtown streets throughout the world, there has been a visible resurgence of decorative brooches, barrettes, and clips displaying various designs. The biggest advantage of these accessories is the sheer number of styles and designs available. There is also no requirement for your hair to be of a certain length or consistency – anyone can add some style to their outfits with the right bejeweled hair accessory.

2. Tiaras and Headbands:

For the winter, a tiara combined with a headband can make a standout choice to go alongside any outfit. The headband will keep your head protected from the chilly weather and the tiara will add a bit of pizazz to your appearance.

3. Winter Headwear:

This year, the fashion industry returned to the basics: plain, earthy tones and natural fibers such as wool in favor of other materials. A stylish felt hat or cap can be matched with any outfit by attaching a suitably colored pin or barrette.

4. Fur Hats:

The weather in certain areas will necessitate heavy duty hats. Hats made of fur or tulle are available in various shapes such as beanies or ushankas. Pick out a warm fur hat that keeps you warm and wear it with confidence on the coldest days this winter.

5. Knitted Hats:

Knitted scarves and handbags made a huge bang over the summer and knitted headwear is now making a big entry in winter fashion. Choose a hat that is preferably made with natural fibers. You have a lot of freedom to choose from vibrant, colorful patterns or more subdued block color designs. Knit headwear is a great way to show off your fun side when you are out and about.

Winter is a time when you can easily stand out from the crowd with just a little bit of attention to detail. Coordinating accessories and headwear with your outfits is a sure way to get noticed no matter where you go.