Happy Holidays- Happy Easter & Happy Passover: Long Island Things to do During the Holidays

Easter has arrived in all its springtime glory, and we have compiled a short list of some of the most indulging activities to enjoy to celebrate a Happy Easter and Happy Passover. 

Here, take a look:

Cold Spring Harbor Lions Club

This Easter, there is a lot to do at the action-packed event hosted by the Cold Spring Harbor Lions Club to celebrate this joyous festival. You and the kids can take part in their amazing Easter egg hunt, an exciting fun-packed game that is filled with challenges and hurdles to make it truly one of the best scavenger hunts for a family to indulge in. 

Aside from the egg hunt, there are plenty of egg-focused activities arranged by the Lions Club to allow your family to be merry and revel in the spirit of Easter. They will also hold egg races for children and teenagers, allowing them to participate in tons of outdoor games and activities, and win exciting prizes. Usually, the club also organizes bake sales and one-dish parties, so be sure to get in touch with the authorities and get the details on how you can participate. 

Hicks Nurseries Long Island 

If you’re a resident of Long Island, you must be aware of how famous Hick Nurseries is amongst the local families and especially children, when it comes to commemorating holidays like Christmas and Easter. On April 13-14th and later 19th-20th, Hicks Nurseries will open its gates to families, allowing them to celebrate Easter amidst stunning floral exhibitions and displays. 

It is the ultimate destination to capture some memorable family photos for the Holidays album, and packs up a special treat for little children: the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny will be waiting outdoors for kids to take pictures, and there are no charges so you can click as many selfies as you like. 

Passover Seder with Friends & Family

Are you joining your Jewish friends, partner or family members for a Passover Seder? Or perhaps, you seek to host one of your own and invite over friends and family to sit down for a glorious meal after exchanging blessings and prayers. A Passover Seder is a traditional Jewish ritual that begins with the recitation of the story of the Jews Exodus from Egypt. Then, it leads into a long meal with several courses, involving several peculiar items and acquired tastes, including horseradish, gefilte fish, brisket and more. You can find several Passover Seders happening near you in Long Island.