Long Island Hair Salon

There is nothing like a new season to celebrate change. As spring approaches Long Island, the residents rejoice. Did you know that more than your body, your hair picks up the change in the air, amazing, isn’t it? Well, when the warm breeze kicks in, the ends of your hair picks up the change, spring air grazes the edges, as well as tousles the curls as they fall around your face playfully.

No matter what your plans are for the spring season, nothing will beat a good haircut and hair makeover. Now, don’t go panicking, Long Island Hair Salon has got you covered. Experts at the Long Island Hair Salon know just how to bring about the change you need. We all know it’s a hard thing to chop of those luscious locks, but the change of the season means the change of the hair. A good makeover will not only make you look hot but it will also boost your confidence. You can either go for a light change such as a pre-spring trimming or a hot change like bangs or highlights. If you are having a hard time deciding, we have a few trendy suggestions for you.

Long Bob Or Blunt Lob:

Blunt lob or long bob is your striking chin-skimming hairstyle that looks chic even if you are wearing a potato sack. It’s the most trending hairstyle for spring. While you are at it, get the beachy highlights from Long Island Hair Salon to enhance your tan even more.

What’s more! Styling a blunt lob is so much fun; you can go for loose curls, beach waves or even a messing half updo.

The Fringe:

Most people are scared to get the fringe cut, but it’s so cool and trendy that everyone is jumping the bandwagon of fringes this spring. Whether you have short hair or long, fringe makes things extremely fun. If you are scared to try the cut, you can even go with the clip-on ones. Visit Long Island Hair Salon to consult experts about the kind of fringe that will suit your face shape.

Inward Curl: (its making a comeback)

You know the sexy-romantic hair that Rachael wore in Friends? The style became so famous that people started to call it “The Rachael.” If you were ever a fan of friends, it’s your time to shine. Bring out the inner Rachel in you out this spring with the trendy Rachael cut.  Why wait for the spring to approach? Head to Long Island Hair Salon for your pre-spring change today!