Why we love a silk or satin pillow case!

Curly and wavy girls often ask our expert hair stylist for useful hacks to prevent breakage and frizz, and we always ask what are their normal hair routines.  If you want to refine your natural texture and maintain tangle-free and frizz-less hair, it is crucial to think how manage your hair while you sleep. 

Satin and silk pillow cases or scarves are extremely hair-friendly, and an excellent investment to prevent the moisture of your hair from being whisked away. In recent years, satin and silk pillow cases have risen in demand because they preserve full volume, prevent breakage and keep your tresses frizz free. Basically, these soft, feather-like fabrics allow the hair to glide freely, maintaining the natural movement of our strands.

On the other hand, regular cotton fabrics cause the hair to fold and crumble, resulting in breakage, frizz, and numerous tangles. Using a silk or satin pillow case is a crucial investment to enhance your nighttime hair care routine, but which one should you choose, satin or silk?

Satin pillow cases may seem much cheaper than silk, but if you prefer a natural fiber, silk is a better choice. The hair-friendly benefits of both fabrics are noteworthy and ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference. Charmeuse satin is a great choice to keep your strands well-moisturized, and maintain their natural movement.  While silk offers the best of both worlds in terms of luxury and hair movement.

Investing in silk scarves and satin weave finish bonnets will also help you preserve and beautify the natural texture of your hair. These two fabrics allow a floating appearance due to their ability to drape well. More importantly, they will help preserve the natural oils within your strands and reduce friction between the tresses.

While both silk and satin will benefit the hair, silk is a much more expensive material.

The difference between Silk and Satin

Silk is an animal protein fiber generated by various types of worms and insects, and this fiber is highly refined and luxurious. There are many insects that product silk but the finest silk comes from the mulberry silk moth. This luxuriously lavish and highly breathable fabric is intensely soft, and the perfect fabric for your frizz-free beauty sleep.

Satin, on the other hand, is not a natural fiber but rather, it is a weave that is derived from a combination of multiple fabrics, including silk, polyester, nylon and rayon. This finely woven fabric has a glossy sheen, and serves as an intensely luxurious material for bedding and pillow cases.

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