Protect Your Blonde

There are all kinds of hair care products on the market to help blondes – shampoos, conditioners, masks – all specially designed to maintain the color and condition of the hair. But what if there was a way to prevent damage from the beginning and achieve a brilliant blonde hair color, consistent,  stable and without bleach? Well there is– Attention All Blondes STOP using bleach! 

Blonde hair from bleach remains a color that demands attention. The hair is fragile. The bleach blonde can turn yellow, orange, green or gray. And even more in summer! If you are a blonde, use these tips to look after your hair during the summer. (If you are concerned about the health of your hair we urge you to switch to a hi-lift color rather than bleach to achieve your brilliant blonde hair color!)

How To Protect Your Blonde Tresses?

A recent coloring opens the hair follicle and scales to allow the pigments to pass. The results: porous hair that will absorb chlorine and easily be susceptible to chemical reaction, oxidation and discoloration. So, try to hydrate and protect with a nourishing mask weekly.  Quickly rinse your hair in clean water after swimming – preferably cold – to close and seal the cuticle and accentuate the shine.

Natural blondes, hydration is key. Feed your hair moisturizing nutrients before and during your beach or pool outing. Over-solicited by salt and the sun will dry out your in the summer months. You should also avoid shampooing every day.

How to keep your blonde hair safe in the summer.

1. Hydration and Shine

A beautiful blonde needs maintenance! Shampoos and conditioners specially designed for colored hair or even better for blonde hair – these shampoos and conditioners allow the pigments to be better fixed on the hair. Also, do not ignore that weekly nourishing mask sitting under your sink. The lengths are stressed, and the mask is well penetrate deeper than your regular comditioner.

2. Sun and protection

One of the primary cause of hair disaster during the summer, you have a beautiful blond hair, and after summer it’s a greenish, grayish or yellowish mop – or a little of the three. Foul to the sea, the sun, the pool, etc.  Protect your hair from aggressions – especially as light hair is more sensitive to sunlight, use protective leave-in detanglers with UVA/UVB protection or sunscreens on your hair – and do not forget your hat! It is advisable to use hair care with UV filters at the same frequency as skin sunscreen. The sun’s rays also damage the hair not just your skin! Otherwise, a bun under a straw hat works well also during the hottest hours. 

3. Before and after exposure

Before jumping into the pool, wet your hair with cold fresh water to seal the cuticle, then apply a thick conditioner or leave in treatment. This will act as a chlorine barrier. After the pool or ocean was your hair immediately- the longer salt and chlorine stay in the hair the more damage they will do! 

4. And if the color had turned?

Reach to us at Tomy B Salon, for an SOS hair repair! While on vacation, there is a temporary solution for each hair color shade – we can recommend the using a nourishing treatment, which minimizes the porosity of the hair, fixes the pigments and neutralizes the the orange, yellow or green hair. Opt for a personalized mixed on the spot treatment, customized for each individual and mailed out for you to use at home.