Professional Hair Color Mailed to Your Door!

Long Island Hair Salon Offer Professional Hair Color For Home- Mailed To Your Door, Custom Mixed And Packed By Expert Hair Colorist

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only giving us anxiety and stress but also dull graying hair. Quarantine time may be great for catching up with the family, but it isn’t much of a good thing when it comes to keeping up with your hair color routine.

For ladies, who have always gotten their hair done at the salon, times are getting hard. You can always opt for store-bought color, and for some, it’s a great option as it’s cheaper. However, for those who appreciate quality, store-bought color can never be enough.

Here’s the good news, with Long Island Hair Salon, you can now buy your color without compromising in the quality. Use this quarantine time to understand the difference between professional hair color mixed by an expert hairstylist and store-bought boxed hair color. Yes, we know that professional hair color costs way more than the off-the-shelf boxed color, but the results are worth every penny.

Here are some of the many benefits of spending a little extra on your hair and buying professional hair color from a salon.

Delivery To Your Doorstep:

Due to social distancing, people are reluctant to leave the safety of their homes. The most significant benefit of buying from the salon is that you don’t have to go and look for the color; it comes to you. Long Island Hair Salon delivers to your doorstep, with all the necessary Corona precautions.


Store-bought color can never measure up to the quality of Long Island Hair Salon’s professional color. The quality is high because expert colorist only uses premium ingredients. This is the main reason why the price is higher than the store-bought color; there is no compromise on quality.

Custom Mixed:

What’s the guarantee that store-bought color will come off just as you want it? Every hair has a different color as well as texture. Boxed colors are mixed with average and standard hair in mind. For someone who has always pampered their hair at the salon, store-bought color is a big mistake. Long Island Hair Salon’s expert hair artist mixes the color, keeping in mind the texture as well as the previous color of your hair.

No Odor:

The bad odor that lingers around even after a few washes is a huge drawback of store-bought colors. Lucky for you, Long Island Hair Salon’s professional color is free from bad odor, leaving your hair shiny and pleasant smelling after the first wash.