New York Fashion week is just around the corner the dates being from Sep 7th to Sep 14th . This upcoming event is the talk of the town as it’s the most awaited fashion event around the globe. While most of the events are industry only, there are certain events that are open to the public. Live streaming of the entire week makes it possible for the fashion lovers all across the world to check out their favorite style icons, favorite fashion designers, make-up artists, hairstylists, your favorite models and actors and all the people directly or indirectly associated with the fashion industry conjure up at a single platform.
What to expect from NY fashion week this September?
There is a lot of excitement in the air regarding this event as Thakoon a popular name in the industry is making a comeback. Tom Ford had managed to get himself a slot in the early days of fashion week. What more would you expect see on the runaway? A former Gucci fashion designer put his latest collection name after him on the very first day of the week, which had been kept a surprise so far for the viewers, until yesterday. Another show to wait for is that of the new designers like Sies Marjan have also made it to the fashion week this September. Also some noteworthy names like Kith, Akris and famous brands like DKNY will be demonstrating their style too. Also, one thing to look forward to is Oscar de La Renta styles.
Latest from New York Fashion Week:
A famous celebrity, Eva Mendes, hosted her very first show exhibiting her collection as the designer, brand ambassador, and model last night at New York Fashion Week. She was hailed by many, despite her being too nervous about it she pulled it off all too flawlessly. Another event that has kept many a fashion lovers on tenterhooks concerning this September’s New York fashion week is the teaming up of Gigi Hadid with Tommy Hilfiger, as they plan to demonstrate their collection in an entirely innovative way that is a carnival festival on 9Th September. With that said, NY fashion week has a lot more in store for you, just keep you tabs on the event.
Hairstyles for New York Fashion Week:
It has been observed lately that one surefire way of quickly winning popular acclaim both as a stylist or fashion house or as a model on the runaway, is having an extraordinarily striking statement-making hair hue on a famous fashion show. This trick can take the status of a newbie to the best model girl of the whole event or that of a new hair stylist to the best stylist of the event. Don’t believe me? Look at Fernanda Ly, who scaled the success ladder owing to her bubblegum coated locks in a famous fashion show last year. Likewise, we all have our eyes fixed on the events this September’s New York fashion week will cover, is it going to prove a great opening for some newbies like it previously has. Not only the hair colors but the hair styles all the models and celebrities flaunt on the show are sure to draw enough applause and popularity, like in the last NY fashion week Herve Legers beautiful braids, Mansur Gavriel’s sophisticated single French braid, Rodarte’s fairytale princess hairdo, Oscar De La Renta’s unqiue hairdos, and Tommy Hilfiger’s perfect hairdo received quite much praise, the same expectations are associated with the ongoing New York fashion week.