Long Island Hair Saloon: New Year, New You – New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Hair in 2019 

The New Year has just started and it’s the right time to make some resolutions to improve your life and personality. In addition to all other beauty and style resolutions we must spend some time in improving the beauty and charm of your hair this year. Let these hair resolutions make you shine out of crowd and sparkle like a star.

  1. Take Better care of Your Hair:

Apart from all the skin and beauty care rituals, we hardly focus on making our hair healthier and shinier. This year let’s put the extra chemical-based hair products aside and try to breathe new life into our hair by taking better care than before. The excessive heated air pressure from blow dryer causes damage to your hair texture in the long run. In the same way the hair curling and straightening equipments also cause damage if used constantly without proper protection. Try to air dry your hair more often and switch to natural styling option.

  1. Get frequent Hair cuts:

According to the expert hair stylists, the hair need a fresh cut every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain a healthier look. This may seem to be more time taking task to go to a quality saloon frequently and get fresh hair cut and color but believe me! This little decision of yours can do wonders to your whole personality. You can maintain a vibrant and trendy look effortlessly.

  1. Get Regular Hair Treatments:

Your hairs are as an important part of your personality that need special attention as your skin and body shape. Between the never-ending office meetings and tight workplace schedule, you need to dedicate sometime to get the customized hair treatments to polish your hair and make them look fabulous. This year make a resolution to visit the saloon more often and get the hair treatments. Long Island hair Saloon experts have all the required hair treatments for the making your hair healthy and sparkly.

  1. Use High Quality Products and Take Biosilk(Hair, Nail, skin vitamins)

The year 2019 should bring a revolution in your opinion about the hair care products. This year invest more on high quality products which contain the ingredients like pro-vitamin B, Soy Protein, Keratin, and many more. Moreover, beauty comes from inside out. That means, if you are eating enough healthy nutrients your hair will grow healthy. Therefore, you must start using the hair, nail and skin vitamins such as Bio-sil.