Tomy is constantly working on new and innovative services to ensure you leave the salon with dazzling hair. Working with laboratories from around the world has allowed us to bring long island the most innovative hair treatments available.

The Hot Glaze creates incredible shine. Just a few drops of this potent oil, enriched with A2 Ceramide and Linseed leave your tresses glistening and glossy.

The Process:

1. Your hair is cleanse the hair with a build-up removing shampoo.
2. Next, your hair is towel dried to remove some moisture.
3. The Hot Glaze is then massaged into your scalp and hair shaft from tops to ends.
4. Your treatment is finished off with a elegant blow dry to activate and seal in the treatment.

The results: incredibly shiny hair, moisturized and manageable, while protecting against heat.

The Tinted Gloss is a system of depositing color while adding shine. Each Tinted Gloss treatment is formulated specifically for you based on your hair color and desired results.

The Process:

1. First is a consultation with Tomy to decide on the perfect formulation for your hair
2. The Tinted Gloss is mixed and applied to clean hair
3. Enjoy a hot cappuccino and relax while your treatment processes
4. Your hair is then rinsed and either blow dried or prepped for your next salon service.

The Results: Enjoy rich vibrant color and brilliant shiny hair!

The Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment is formulated with collagen and elastin to strengthen the hair shaft and increase elasticity. The results, no more breakage or frizz! This exclusive Tomy B. collagen formulation strengthens the hair shaft with collagen protein, adds elasticity to dry, frail hair leaves your hair not only looking and feeling great but actually healthier!

1. Your hair is clarified at the sink
2. Next your hair is detangled and blow dried 60%
3. The Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment is applied from roots to ends
4. Your treatment is heat activated by straight blow dry and can be styled further with a flat iron.

** Your hair can be washed the following day… must wait two weeks after treatment to use any chemical hair process.


Discover radiant shine and brilliant colors at Tomy B. Salon today, we are always available to discuss our hair treatments with you. Call us to schedule your free consultation. (516) 621-4100