Long Island Hair Salon – Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers are the most precious relationship in our lives and there is no question why the women who showered their love and care on us and raised us, deserve a little extra gratitude on  Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner and there are plenty of gift ideas to show extra love and attention to your mom. Although gifting her jewelry and outfits can be a nice idea, why not be little more sensitive towards her and think about giving her something which is closer to her desires and unfulfilled wishes due to a tough daily routine and the busy mom-life!

Here are some ‘out of the way’ but cool and lovable ideas of gifting her on this Mother’s Day.

  1. Give the Gift of Amazing Hair:

Your mom must have always desired to have the most beautiful hair, but she never got enough time to go to salon for her favorite hair treatments, hair color or hairstyling. Motherhood is a tough job and a mom usually suppresses her own needs and desires of looking beautiful for the sake of her kids and family. Let’s celebrate this Mother’s Day by giving her a fabulous hair gift certificate from Tomy B Salon Long Island. It’s one of the best hair salons in town and this gift certificate with luxurious hair treatments can really fill her eyes with surprise and happiness.

  1. Gift of a Day of Pampering:

Being your mom, she deserves a relaxing and pampering day at a salon with all the amazing skin services, facials, message and other such treatments. She would more than love to have this desire fulfilled. A gift card to your local long island massage spa is all what she needs to glow and groom.

  1. Dine out:

Let’s surprise her by spending an evening dedicated just to ‘the best mom in the world’! Take her out to lunch or dinner at Butchers Bar and Grill and relish the delicious sea food and steak. Let it be one day free for her when she won’t be cooking rather be a queen on the day. This local Williston Park restaurant is sure to show your mom how special she is to you. It’s a true treat!

  1. Gift of Fun and Dance:

She must have always adored some dance movies and TV shows like “Dancing With The Stars” but never had a chance to learn to dance like the celebrities on TV.

Long Island Dance Studio is offering special Mother’s Day dance classes which are individual sessions and group lessons too. Make her feel free for a while, moving and grooving at her favorite music beats.

Long Island and Nassau County have plenty of events and activities to offer Mom’s on Mother’s Day. Take the opportunity to gift your Mother something she will remember, whether it be a day of pampering or moving and grooving at a Syosset dance studio, find something that would make her smile!