It Starts With Shampoo!

Look at your shampoo bottle, does it say “safe for color treated hair”? Now turn it over and read the ingredients… do you see “sulfates”? Many shampoo’s use sulfates to make the product foam… the issues with sulfates are that they pull your color out leaving it dull, lackluster and causes it to fade faster.

Try a tinted shampoo (they’re not just for blondes!) since color is deposited make sure to check with your stylist.. you do not want to change your hair color or add build up.

Also, stay away from clarifying shampoos, which will strip the color from your strands. All of Tomy B. Products are sulfate and paraben free sure to maintain your hair color for long lasting brilliance.


Dry, brittle hair will not hold color as long as moist, healthy hair. It is very important to keep your hair healthy and hydrated for shine, strength elasticity and color retention. We know its difficult but limit your heat styling especially flat irons, and use a deep conditioning mask—Tomy B. Vanilla Deep Conditioning Mask not only infuses incredible moisture but smells delicious as well!

Protect Against The Sun

Your hair needs UV protection just as much as your skin does. The sun will oxidize your hair and turn your hair color much lighter. The sun’s rays will cause your color to fade—so heres how to protect against it.

1. Cover up as much as possible.. bandanas, hats, headbands and clips…

2. Use a leave-in conditioner with UVA/UVB protection. Try Tomy B. Miracle Detangler

Hot Water Fades Color

While a hot shower feels amazing after a long day, it is definitely not the best thing for your hair color. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and if you’re still craving the heat opt for a shower cap or nice hot bath!

Glaze Your Hair!

If you truly want to protect your hair color from fading, opt for a glaze. Glazing your hair is almost like a sealer for your hair color, not only do you get amazing shine but your adding a protective layer between your hair color and the environment.

Go For Monthly Touch-ups

Coloring your hair every 4-6 weeks is not just to cover grey its also to one your hair and maintain its radiance. If you wait too long for a touch up you hair will fade so much that your root color will not match the rest of your hair. Proper maintenance will help keep your color shiny, vibrant and consistent