With Valentine’s day coming up quickly, You’ve probably picked out your outfit, made your reservations, and picked up your box of chocolates. Whether you have a romantic date with your significant other, a new romance budding, or you’re protesting valentine’s day all together, we’ve got hairstyles for every occasion this Valentine’s day.



Romance is in the air with these soft, face framing curls


bring some sass with some big sexy hair!

Romantic Dinner with your love

Have a romantic dinner with your special someone planned? Try soft curls, pinned into a half-up look. Pinning the front pieces away from your face is the perfect way to frame your smile and bring out your eyes. You can also use the curls to pin a loose knot at the nape of your neck, for an easy but chic updo.


A First Date

Go with something messy-sexy! Very loose, tousled curls are always stylish and so easy to achieve on your own. Think Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show hair! With a 2’’ curling iron, curl and pin while your curls are still hot and spray a light hairspray. Let them set while you apply your makeup and pick an outfit. Pull the pins right before you’re ready to go, and with a wide tooth comb, gently brush out the curls and spray it with hairspray again. Flip your hair and shake. You’ll have volume and a beautiful shape that gets better as your night goes on.



sweep your hair back in a sexy, sleek, fun loving ponytail

An Adventurous Date

If you and your significant other are more the adventurous type, a sleek ponytail is edgy, sexy and functional. Slick your hair with a medium hold gel and pull it into a low or high pony tail. Secure with
a little extra hairspray to keep those flyaways at bay. The pony will keep your hair out of your face for whatever fun you have in store.


valentines day

have fun with your friends trying out new braid hair styles

A Quiet Night in:

Maybe you decided to cozy up on the couch with a movie night or just a relaxing dinner at home. This is the perfect time to try a top-knot. Tie your hair in a pony tail, lift your hair high above your head, tease gently in a downward motion. Once your pony is fluffy, twist and pin into a bun. It’ll be messy but cute and perfect for a night at home.


Anti-Valentine’s Day Party:

Valentine’s day isn’t for everyone. Having an anti-love party with your girlfriends is the perfect time to brush up on your braiding skills. Messy french braids, fishtails, and cascading braids are easier than you think! Grab your girlfriends and try out some of those styles you’ve been lusting after on pintrest. There’s nothing better than a wine-induced braid night!