Frequently Asked Questions.

What are your prices?

Every person who comes to us has specific needs – so our prices vary quite a bit.

However, we believe in charging for valuable service, which is why our prices are high compared to many salons. Basic service prices are listed here.

How long has Tomy been working with hair?

Tomy started styling hair in Israel at the age of  16,  about 25 years ago from today.

He studied under Jean Pierre in France – but was a troublesome student. Tomy always insisted on doing things his way. Eventually, his teacher saw that Tomy could achieve the same results through his own instinct-based methods.

To this day, Tomy still does things his way, and his clients couldn’t be happier.

Are there bleaches in your hair color or highlights?

No! In fact, many people come to us with hair that has been badly damaged from bleach-filled color dyes. After a few sessions here, their hair already looks more full of life than ever.

We use a high lifter that Tomy developed himself to protect his clients from the harshness of bleach. It’s safer, and looks more natural.

What brand of products do you use?

We use only our own signature line of Tomy B. Products. Over 10 years ago, Tomy became frustrated with the quality of shampoos, conditioners, colors, and other hair products that were available to salons.

Even the most expensive, high-end products couldn’t deliver the results he was looking for.

So he flew to Italy and various parts of the world to work with the industry’s top manufacturers. After a tremendous amount of tweaking and refining, the Tomy B. line of products were born.

Do you do extensions?

Yes! Absolutely. In fact, some of our clients fly thousands of miles just for this service.

Tomy hand-crafts every extension he gives to his clients. Each one is a custom job based on the color, texture, and body of the client’s hair. Tomy B. Salon works directly with hair manufacturers to bring clients the best quality hair at the most competitive pricing. All hair extension systems are used in the salon, seamless tape-in extensions, hair halo’s, cylinder bead extensions…

What’s the environment of the salon like?

When it comes to high-end salons, most people are used to the cold, “factory” like setting where clients are funneled in and out like cattle. You won’t find that here!

We work hard to make you feel as relaxed and at-home as possible. From serving homemade cappuccino and tea, to fresh-baked pastries, to really taking our time with you when we work on your hair – we just want you to be happy.

In fact, we have a “No Rush Policy” here. Stress and pressure are not allowed!

What happens if I get hungry!

It may sound silly, but a lot of people are concerned about this! Hair services can take a long time, and if you show up with an empty stomach, it can be very unpleasant.

But worry not! We serve fresh pastries and cappuccinos, and we’re happy to order in food for you if snacks won’t suffice, and you need a meal.

How long will my hair take?

No two appointments are alike- This being said, If it’s your first time with us, We typically tell our clients to clear a 2-3 hour time slot.

Tomy takes all of our consultations very seriously and loves getting to know you on a personal level so we can tailor your hair to fit your lifestyle.

Depending on what your hair needs will determine how long you will be with us, but you will be very well taken care of throughout your time here!


Do you have other questions?

Call us any time! We’d love the opportunity to answer them.

Simply call (516) 621-4100.