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    Tomy B. Salon Long Island
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     249 reviews
    by Donna on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    City: Levittown


    by Rita on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Great experience

    Great overall experience

    by Dawn on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    " You have a customer for life! "
    City: Bellmore

    I'm still in awe how I look and was treated! Never in my life have I felt comfortable in a salon. I can't thank everyone enough for being so understanding and caring! You have a customer for life! Toda Toda Toda

    by Jessica on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Saved my hair
    City: Merrick

    I came in for a haircut, but Tomy convinced me otherwise. He explained that a haircut wouldnt change my hair, it still wouldn't behave and the only way to make a difference would be to start on a hair treatment regiment. ... Wow was he right. My hair has never looked or felt better. Its crazy that after just two hair treatments I am getting so many compliments on my hair. The color even looks shinier and brighter .. ( i still want my haircut, but now just a trim instead of a chop!) He truly helped my hair and for that I am so greatful

    by Gloria Keyloun on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    my hair is so healthy!

    Tomy, You, your Gracious Wife, and your Staff are such consummate
    professionals. I walked into your salon at the beginning of the summer
    (after lockdown) with a head of hair I thought would never return to
    its healthy state again, and I walked out with the gorgeous hair I had
    in my youth. No doubt! You are all exceptional artists, knowledgeable,
    informative and beyond generous with your kindness & hospitality So,
    here I am, the 3rd time visiting today, feeling beautiful and my hair
    is so healthy!
    How you do it I don’t care LOL.
    I am so grateful to know all of you and will certainly be a life long client.
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    Grazie Mille, Merci beaucoup!

    by Jordyn on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    City: Brookville

    Tomy's collagen infusing hair treatment is a luxury every woman needs. It made my hair thicker, healthier and shinier.... It keeps my hair smooth and my blow dries look fantastic, always. My hair needs collagen and Im sure yours does too

    by Laura on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair Extension Experts
    City: Bellmore

    LOVE love LOVE... my hair extensions feel amazing look beautiful and completely changed how I see myself. Overall the most luxurious salon experience- cappuccino, champagne omg Love this place

    by Rosa on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hands down, best color!
    City: East Williston

    My color story was definlty a work in progess, it took a few times- lots of patients and inevitably the best color ive ever had.

    Hesitant to follow tomy direction and honestly not very impressed by my first visit but blown away by the finished product.

    Tomy had explained during my consultation that the only way to fix my hair color was to go dark ( the very last thing i wanted to hear) I was hoping in one visit he could just fix my color but he explained it would be a process and I would need to see him a few times to complete the color correction. After my first visit, my hair felt amazing was shiny and healthier than I'v ever seen it- BUT it was DARK and not the color I wanted to be.. BOY am I glad i listened....

    A week later ( honestly hating my color, but loving the way my hair felt) I came back for my second appointment.... Tomy added highlights and WOW what a difference. - By my 3rd apppintment I was obsessed with my color and I am so happy I trusted him-

    Run to this saln, listen and follows Tomy's advice and your hair will thank you!!!

    by Pam on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    NYC find on Long Isand
    City: Old westbury

    After moving from the city to Long Island during the pandemic, I bounced around looking for a salon to do my highlights. I got everything from yellow- orange to grey but never a beautiful blonde that I was used to. Tomy is a hidden find.
    Perfect blonde the first time, my hair was soft after the highlights and lipid treatment and I finally felt myself again. I would hold Tomy to the standard of any top NYC Salon

    by Jessica on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair extensions
    City: Bellmore

    They saved me- I had a weft sewn into ymhair with beads and I can’t express the pain I was in. I went to a salon that raved about their hair extensions- but what they did hurt, pulled and ripped out my hair. Tomy took me on an emergency visit- and I’m so thankful he fit me in immediately. He took out my horrible extensions and Jill installed comfortable , smooth tape in hair extensions. Wow- incredible. They look better, feel better and definitely healthier for my hair. I don’t feel anymore pulling or pain! They were really a wonderful couple, so kind and so fun to be around!

    by Josie on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Helped my daughters hair
    City: Roslyn

    My daughter has thick curly hair and is in tears every time i wash or brush it- it's a constant battle with a 7 year old girl. We came to Tomy for a haircut, I wanted to just cut it short, but after listening to his advise we tried a lipid complex hair treatment and collagen smoothing hair treatment. His treatments saved my relationship with my daughter, I couldn't battle it out with her anymore and I couldn't let her walk around with a unrully mess either! From the bottom of my heart , thank you for helping my 7 year old manage her hair

    by Krista on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Wedding Hair Extensions
    City: Brookville

    I'm getting married ... finally ( after several postponements due to covid) !! I wanted to get hair extensions for my wedding and am so thankful I found Jill and Tomy. I've never done hair extensions before and knew nothing about them. They really took their time to explain what systems were best for my hair and the look that I wanted for my wedding day. We ended custom making an amazing Halo hair extension ... I feel so great about the purchase because I wear the piece after my wedding- as so much gets wasted on wedding purchases I love that I can continue to wear the halo!

    by Olivia on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Lipid is Liquid Gold
    City: Old Westbury

    YYEEEAAASSS this treatment is a must. Literally made my hair feel 1000% better - I was ready to chop it off and this treatment worked miracles to save my hair

    by Karen on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Collagen smoothing system
    City: Port Washington

    I have super thick, unmanageable frizzy hair that is so dry it always seems to break before I can grow it long enough to have a style

    I read online about the collagen treatment and couldn’t be happier I made the decision to splurge on my hair. It makes a world of difference. My color looks brighter, my hair is smoother , easier to blow dry and is overall healthier.
    It’s a luxury my hair couldn’t do without. I give Tomy and his staff all 5 stars ⭐️

    by Kayla on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Curly hair
    City: Minneola

    🙌 yesss! Curly hair is not an easy journey- from the right stylist to joe you style it can be super finicky . Tomy does it right/ 1. He never brushes , blow dries or tries tog eat me to wear my hair straight 2. He cuts my curls 2x ( yes I come in for my curly haircut 2x) first with my clean curls and then a week later with my “dirty curls”

    This ensure my hair looks awesome no matter how many days I haven’t washed

    Curly hair expert is for sure. Love this place and think anyone with curly hair needs to visit this long island Salon

    by Jenna on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    City: Melville

    This saved my hair! Collagen is my new best friend, what a difference in definition of my hair, it’s so easy to work with a blow dry now. I couldn’t be happier with this hair treatment... I’ve done it twice and can’t wait for my next scheduled appointment

    by Lori on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Lipid treatment
    City: East Williston

    This treatment is incredible, it made my coarse brittle gray hair, soft shiny and bouncy. It’s almost as if my hair absorbed all the nutrients it was lacking . My hair has never looked or felt so healthy as it does with the lipid hair treatments

    by Michelle on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Lipid saved my hair
    City: brookville

    Changing products literally saved my hair... I thought I was going to the best salons, but my hair was feeling awful, and thinning- The texture was terrible and I felt like always wearing my hair up- I attributed it to hormones, stress and going grey. I came to Tomy on whim that maybe a lipid treatment I read about would at least help my hair feel better..

    Over the last few months , Tomy has completely changed my hair ... The lipid treatments helped immediately- my hair felt softer and even my color looked betted just from the treatment. He explained the chemicals in the hair color I was using were too aggressive and causing my hair to break (I wasnt actually thinning!) I was amazed to see after several months my part of smaller and my hair line thickened. He was right. THe hair color was damaging my hair.

    Tomy is unlike any styling I have met, he is passionate and educated. He understands how hair works and you can tell he cares about your hair quality and integrity.

    by Lauren on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Best curly haircut
    City: Jericho

    My hair is super curly frizzy and unmanageable- k always wanted to enjoy my curls but one terrible haircut after another left me blow drying flat ironing and killing my hair- Tomy is defiantly THE guy to see. He really works with all kinds of curls and does the right haircut for your curl type: so beyond thrilled I’ve found him!

    by Nancy on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair color fix
    City: Jericho

    Well ... after a year of covid- And attempting to color my hair myself at home- I finally decided to go to a professional and fix my color... the damage I had done with at home color was bad- my hair was dry, brassy- and not attractive.

    I couldn’t believe how Tomy transformed my hair-

    He was able to take my disaster and make it something beautiful. So happy with the results- I will defiantly be back.

    by Barbara on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Dry haircut
    City: Plainview

    Nothing says precision and excellence like a dry haircut- once if discovered what a dry haircut was/ that because my test if a stylist is talented and knowledgeable...

    I can’t make it into the city anymore with covid- and have been lookin for an expert stylist to cut my hair on Long Island.. once I saw Tomy does dry haircut I knew he would be great.
    So happy I gave him a shot - I’m very pleased with my haircut and will defiantly be coming back

    by Trudy on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    highlights & color correction
    City: brookville

    I cant express how impressed i am with the results from Tomy B. Salon. My hair has never been great, but was progressively getting worse during covid. My stylist had left, then a tried a few new salons that either closed or didn't do a good job. When I found Tomy I right away felt I was in good hands. He told me all the problems with my hair and gave me a game plan on how to recover it.... He 100% under promised and over delivered! He told me it would take 6 months and I am seeing huge improvements in just two months..
    I've done, lipid hair treatments , collagen smoothing hair treatments, color and haircut and am so impressed with the results!

    by Pam on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Tape in hair extensions
    City: Syosset

    Changed my hair- simple. Jill color matched my hair perfectly and the tire staff treats you wonderfully- always serving the best cappuccinos/ such a treat!

    If you are even considering hair extensions - talk to hill. She gave me such an education on the different types and really changed how I see myself when I look in the mirror- I can actually say I love my hair!

    by Jen on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Curly cuts
    City: Roslyn

    I’ve been losing hair and my curls just don’t look the same- Tomy gave me great suggestions on what products to use and how to style my hair. His lipid treatment is a game changer- between the treatments the dry haircut and the products my hair is looking and feeling incredible. He was so knowledgeable about hair loss and gave some great suggestions for my situation

    by Cara on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair extensions
    City: Mineola

    Best ... BEST hair extensions - so natural looking and really changed the way I see myself. Obsessed with this salon. The staff is amazing and friendly and they make the best capuccino ! What a wonderful gem- so happy have found Tomy b salon

    by Emery on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Collagen miracle
    City: West hempstead

    Collagen has made my hair thicker and plumper - my hair has never looked or felt to great. I am still in shock on the difference it makes/ my blow dry time was cut in half , I don’t have to wash my hair nearly as often and my hair hair looks healthy- even my husband noticed a difference

    Highly recommend the collagen infusing hair treatment from Tomy b salon

    by Rachel on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair Extension Masters!
    City: Old Westbury

    Tomy an Jill saved my hair.. I have had hair extensions for over a year and my head was always in pain, and my hair was broken and pulled. They took me as a " hair emergency" and got those horrible extensions out. They replaced them with tape in hair extensions- which are so comfortable and look much more natural.

    by Mary on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Halo hair extensions
    City: Jericho

    The only place on Long Island I found that does custom hair extensions- this was perfect for my fine hair! They measured my head, fit the piece to me- matched my color and cut the piece— it’s invisible and makes a world of difference

    by Amanda on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    curly dry haircuts
    City: Brookville

    Best haircuts. Tomy cuts my curls dry... he washes my hair diffuses it and and styles it before he cuts. I got to know my hair over the last year and works with my natural curl pattern to give me the right haircut!

    Love his products.. the styling clay is a game changer!

    by Lisa on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    City: Great neck

    Highlight without bleach... who knew! My hair color has never looked so good- defiantly visit Tomy b salon if your looking for highlights that won’t damage your hair

    by Donna on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Collagen YES YES YESS
    City: Syosset

    Tomy's proprietary collagen hair treatment saved my hair. I have been getting my collagen hair treatment for almost a year. I keep up with the schedule Tomy gave me and my hair is growing like crazy! Typically my hair would break by the time my hair got to about my shoulder and I just couldn't get it to grow any longer. The collagen treatement truly strengthened my hair and cut down on blow dry time. My hair is finally growing and Im so amazed

    by Farrrah on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    City: Old Westbury

    Highlighting has been something I have done since the age of 16 ... ( so a very long time) Over the year my hair has become grey, course and dry.. I always just thought It was just me getting older. Tomy had done several lipid complex hair treatments on me and now my hair feels like I'm 16 again. It buttery soft, shiny and really feels like hair again.

    by lisa on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    halo hair extensions
    City: East Williston

    The best invisible hair extension! The halo hair extension is comfortable invisible and give me the thicker hair i always dreamed of!

    by Karen on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Fine Hair Expert
    City: Bellmore

    I have very fine hair, i lost a ton of hair after my pregnancies and its something that really effects me on a daily basis. When I found Tomy I was nervous about his pricing-- but listening to his advice was the best decision I made for my hair. It is getting thicker and healthier with every treatment. My hair really has never looked or felt better. So happy to say there is a fine hair expert on Long Island

    by Laura on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Hair extensions
    City: Great neck

    Jill is the hair extensions expert- she recommended the right system for my hair and really changed the way I see myself- love my hair extensions 5 stars ⭐️

    by Lauren on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    tape in hair extensions
    City: hicksville, Ny

    Lets start with what a transformation- in-love, obsessed and just can't get enough of these hair extensions. Thank you to Jill who did an amazing job matching my color and installing-- Tomy gave me the best haircut. My hair looks incredible- my mom is coming in next to get the hair of her dreams. Thanks again to this awesome salon for getting my hair looking incredible

    by Maria on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Extension OMG Yess
    City: Brooklyn

    My dream hair became a reality! Long long beautiful shiny waves ! Thank you 🙏 to Jill and Tomy you make a great team. I feel like a movie star- instagram ready! This is the ONLY place to get the best hair extensions

    by Caroline on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Highlight - blonde- beautiful!

    Tomy was able to fix my blonde....

    I have been getting highlight for most my life and I was ready to just give up and go dark. Tomy convinced me that I should be blonde but I just was not getting the right color. - he was right my highlights were never consistent I kept bouncing around because I was never really happy with the results. I was always asking for balayage and showing pictures and never really getting what I wanted.

    Tomy was the FIRST colorist to ever say to me that my hair can’t be painted. That balayage won’t work on my hair and the only way to get the look I wanted was to foil it.

    Fouls scared me I hate stripy but I felt like no one else ever got it right- so what did I have to lose.

    His confidence comes from experience- he was right this was the first time in yearsssss that I have liked my hair color- and it was using a technique I told every stylist I didn’t want- foils

    I guess it takes a confident colorist to tell you what you need and I’m so glad I listened.

    Hands down trust Tomy B- take his advise and you’ll love your hair

    by Jenna on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Halo hair extensions
    City: Jericho

    I have bought several hair extensions online they always seemed to tangle , clump up be too chunky and not fit right. I came to premier hair extensions and worked with Jill to get a custom made halo hair extensions- and wow what a difference it makes . Human hair that matches my hair color and texture- and a great haircut that makes the piece blend seamlessly. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair!

    The compliments are work your hair looks great- did you change your color? No one suspects it’s the extensions. So natural and makes a huge difference on how I see myself and my self confidence.

    by Lisa R on Tomy B. Salon Long Island
    Best dry haircut
    City: Plainview

    Tomy has consistently given me the best dry haircuts. I wear my hair in a Very precision bob and Tomy is the only stylist to give my that perfectly blunt line Each and every haircut. He has experience and artistic abilities that are hard to come by!

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