Discover Radiant Shine & Healthier Hair!

Tomy is constantly working on new and innovative services to ensure you leave the salon with dazzling hair. Working with laboratories from around the world has allowed us to bring long island the most innovative hair treatments available. The Hot Glaze creates incredible shine. Just a few drops of this potent oil, enriched with A2 […]

How To Take Care Of Colored Hair

1. Use a shampoo and conditioner that’s marked specifically for color-treated hair to help maintain your color and keep your hair healthy and shiny. Always make sure to read the ingredients, there should be no sulfate in a real color protectant shampoo and conditioner. (all Tomy B. shampoo’s and conditioner’s sulfate and paraben free) 2. […]

The Perfect Blow Dry

If your hair is straight… 1. Rub a few drops of smoothing serum between your palms, then run your hands down damp hair, from mid-shaft to ends, and comb through. (Try Tomy B. Finishing Serum).

How To Create Our Favorite Summer Hairstyles

When the summer heat hits, you always will feel better with a clean sleek hairstyle, rather than a big frizzy mess that is constantly falling in your face! Below we offer simple how-to guides to creating sleek summer hairstyles.

Fishtail Braid Gone Wrong?

Summer 2012 was the summer of the fishtail braid it was seen everywhere on celebrities, from the beach to the red carpet. One of the great things about the fishtail braid is that a little bit of messy ends and a bit of frizz usually make it look fabulous.  

Hair Loss or Hair Breakage? The Solution!

We lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. So all of the hair left in your brush or on the bathroom floor is quite normal. But when do you need to push the alarm button on excessive hair loss. And is your hair breaking off, or is it falling out?

What Is Tone-On-Tone?

Discover Shimmering Depth With Tone On Tone Hair Coloring If you’re looking to add multi-dimensional depth and shine to your hair color, it’s time to discover tone on tone at Tomy B. Salon of Long Island, NY. We amp up the shimmer and shine factor by expertly applying two or more shades to your natural […]

“The Karlie”: Vogue Declares A New Hair Cut Trend!

The latest haircut that everyone is talking about was named by Vogue “The Karlie” after supermodel Karlie Kloss chopped off her locks and celebrities have followed. The things is that bobs have always been chic and in style. Look at the editor of Vogue she has been sporting a bob for years. What makes this […]

The Great Gatsby Hairstyle

The Great Gatsby just hit theaters this week starring the dashing Leonardo Dicaprio, handsome Tobey Maguire and the beautiful Carey Mulligan. This Long Island Gold Coast film highlights the glamorous and extravagant parties that were the talk of the town in the 1920s. The rich and famous would flee the city and escape to the […]

How to Keep Your Hair Safe From Humidity

Summer is just around the corner – and while that means barbecues, beach parties and warm evenings under the stars, it’s also the season of a dreaded epidemic: “humidity hair.” You know exactly what we’re talking about. You spend all morning getting your hair looking just right, only to watch it turn into a gigantic […]

2013 Hairstyle Trends: Love It or Leave It?

2013 Hairstyle Trends: Love It or Leave It? There are some hairstyles that seem as eponymous as time itself. The flirty bob of the 1920s and the sleek, Rachel-inspired strands that were so famous in the 90s will forever be on the most-request hairstyles that we see here in our salon. But there are other […]