Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair Extension

Hair extensions are generally used to add length, volume, beauty and the feel of luxury to women’s hair. Hair extensions come in two types, human hair and synthetic hair. Choosing the correct type of hair extensions can be a difficult choice to make for many. This article compares synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. […]

Why You Should Throw Away the DIY Box Color At Home

After a couple of grueling experiences with coloring my own hair at home, I often wondered if the advertisements were just a ploy to get us to buy the product. In reality, the hair damage is far worse than the joy that came from stylizing my own look. After spending hours online, I came across […]

Understanding The Essential Elements Of Hair Cuts

Getting a hair cut is a big experience. It is not just about going out and getting your hair chopped off. It , in fact, is a lot more. There are many reasons why people get haircuts. At times, they get a haircut to celebrate an occasion, whereas on other instances, they get a haircut […]

Is Alcohol Bad For Your Hair?

While we love that people are informing themselves about the products they use, there are tons of trend terms being thrown around for no particular reason. For example, a friend of mine who is very health conscious tells me that she has “aluminum free” baking soda she just bought at the health food store. I […]

Summer 2016 #Hairtrends

Summer is the best part of the year from Memorial Day to labor day and everything in between we want to enjoy the warm weather to its fullest. Especially living on Long Island- Hampton’s Art Festival, Fourth of July in Montauk and don’t forget about those girls shopping weekends in Southampton and a lobster roll at […]

How To Always Have Great Hair!

Do you ever envy the women who just seem to wake up with perfect hair? Yes, genetics do play a role in this but there is a lot more going on than just that. You should think of your hair as your greatest accessory, it can make or break any outfit, needs to match the […]

Love Is In The Hair This Valentine’s Day

    With Valentine’s day coming up quickly, You’ve probably picked out your outfit, made your reservations, and picked up your box of chocolates. Whether you have a romantic date with your significant other, a new romance budding, or you’re protesting valentine’s day all together, we’ve got hairstyles for every occasion this Valentine’s day.   […]

One on One with Tomy B.

Catching up with Tomy Biton is no small task. Between operating his own salon, building a new salon,  financial consulting for large companies in manhattan, and traveling the globe, Tomy is always on the go looking for his next big business adventure. Though he is in the running for “Busiest Man in the World”, few […]

2015 AMA’s Top Hairstyles

  It’s no surprise that when all of music’s biggest names get together, we get a glimpse of the top hairstyles in Hollywood. From top knots to sleek middle parts, The 2015 AMA’s didn’t disappoint from behind the chair. We know you don’t have an on-call glam squad like Kendall & Kylie, but many of […]

Williston Park Happenings!

We are so eager to join to wonderful community of Williston Park! The new home of Tomy B. Salon will be right in the heart of the Town Of Williston Park on Hillside Ave.   Not familiar with the area and all it has to offer? Filming of Hollywood Movie “The Book Of Henry” Tuesday, […]

Fall 2015 Hairstyles

It’s nothing new that every season comes with a style all it’s own. Though the sun-kissed locks you’ve loved all summer might be hard to let go of, Fall is knocking and trust me, you’ll want to answer the door. Kick your summertime sadness to the curb and say “hello” to the fabulous fall 2015 […]

How To Prepare For Your Hair Consultation

Think you are all set for you consultation at a new salon? You called, booked the appointment… now your preparation begins! When walking into a salon for a new hairstyle there are a few things you need to do to make sure your hair stylist fully understands what you want. 1. Know what you want. […]