Valentine’s Day Date Night On Long Island

One the most exciting and break-the-routine event which comes in February is Valentine day. This is a the perfect time to plan an event with your loved one to refresh your heart and soul before you start the tough daily routine again. NYC and Long Island have plenty of exciting places and locations to enjoy […]

Lipid Complex Restorative Hair Treatment

Are you dreaming of healthy, shiny, strong and amazing hair! It’s the time to turn your dream into reality by getting the Lipid Complex hair treatments from the experts of Tomy B Salon Long Island. You must be wondering what this restorative, anti-ageing hair treatment is and why is it so good for your hair? Here […]

Long Island Hair Salon – Hair Extensions for All Events

This is it… the new year is here and you are ready to revamp, look better, feel better and start fresh.  So how can you kick off the new year with a better, more confident you? Try hair extensions in 2018! Instantly achieve the look you want for a more vibrant, head turning, turning confident you.  If you […]

Holiday Gift Ideas!

Long Island Hair Salon- Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanza Gift Ideas Tomy B Salon Long Island Every year, December brings the festive holidays filled with joys and celebrations. Hanukkah Christmas and Kwanza are celebrated in the last days of this month and bring ultimate happiness, family reunions, gift exchanging and expression of love and care. Exchanging […]

How to transition your hair from Cooking to Holiday Dinner?

Cooking is an art and a great fun too! As the big Thanksgiving holiday is around, it’s the time to put all of your cooking skills and magic at work and create all the delicious and mouth watering dishes with such a grace and beauty that leaves everyone awe-inspired. Thanksgiving is not just about prepping […]

Trend Alert- Fall/Winter Hair Accessories!

Long Island Hair Salon- Fall/Winter Hair accessories Trends 2017-2018 As the weather is changing the fashion trends for the New Year are also being updated and you can see a refreshed stylish looks on the top fashion magazines such as Vogue and super stylish attires and accessories on the most influential fashion weeks’ runways. Although […]

Dry Haircuts- Why They Are Best!

Long Island Hair Salon- Why Dry Hair Cuts are Best? It’s a general misconception that a haircut has to be done with wet hair, let’s just burst this myth and reveals the fact that the best hair stylists and hair experts believe that a superb haircut is always done on dry hair. If you have […]

Halloween Hair Style Ideas!

Why is Halloween only associated with a costume only? We think that hairstyles also play an important role in this regard. Messy and Wild hairstyles are a fun way to bring excitement to your costume. Halloween hairstyle ideas depend on several things such as the length of your hair, the costume you chose- do you […]

Fall 2017 Hair Trends

Hair style trends for this season As the leaves change from bright and vibrant to new shades of sultry   and warm so do the hair color trends for Long Island. Long Island’s Premier Hair Salon will be bringing back their September inspirations from the runways in Milan, Paris, NYC. The fashion world is buzzing […]

Tape In Hair Extensions: Do’s & Don’ts

Tape In Hair Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts Congratulations on your purchase of the best hair extensions on Long Island! We want to make sure your hair stays looking fabulous and have written a cheat sheet to help you maintain your new tape in extensions. Our hair extensions are custom made to match your requirements so […]

Prom 2017- Hairstyle Trends

Prom Hаіr Stуlе Trеndѕ fоr 2017 аnd how tо dо уоur hair tо mаtсh уоur drеѕѕ Do уоu want a new hаіrсut and уоu dо not knоw what ѕtуlе tо аdорt? Dо nоt раnіс! Wе hаvе thе hairstyle trends оf 2017 for уоu. And there’s ѕоmеthіng for everyone!  Whаt nеw hairstyle wіll bе уоurѕ? Discover […]