Long Island’s Merchants Corner!

Tomy B. Salon is proud to announce a collaboration with Garden City Media and new passion project of theirs highlighting and honoring local Long Island Businesses. Tomy B. Salon.  was selected to be feature on their website Merchants Corner.

We had a wonderful experience working with Emily and her team, and were honored we were one of the businesses they chose the support and highlight. Our interviews and photoshoots were a ton of fun, and were so excited to share what we offer at Tomy B. Salon with the Long Island community.  This experience was a great opportunity to see how other businesses worked through the pandemic and we hope everyone who was part of this project thrives!

Emily, the young woman working for Garden City Media was a pleasure to work with. She reached out to our salon about this “passion project” as she called it. We thought it was a brilliant way to highlight many of the local businesses on Long Island and were very excited to take part in this endeavour.  Emily spent countless hours interviewing Tomy and the staff and brought along a photographer to highlight all that goes on inside the salon. They were both easy to work with and seamlessly blended into our daily routine!

At Tomy B. Salon we are proud to be a Long Island business and eager to showcase our neighbors and all they have to offer our community.

Garden City media is a local media company who took a portion of the funds they received from the government during the Covid-19 pandmenic and put it aside to create a fund to help promote and support local Long Island business’.

They have put countless hours creating videos to highlight local Long Island small businesses and showing appreciation for their employees. We were honored to be part of this project.

Let’s support all of our local businesses and come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before.

Some of the local businesses featured on their Merchants Corner are.. Peter Andrews , located just down the block from Tomy B. Salon on Hillside Avenue in Williston Park and Willis Hobbies on Willis Ave, Mineola.

Check out this article Emily from Garden City Media wrote about Tomy B. Salon.