Let’s face it: you’ve been on the hunt for the kind of celebrity hairstyle that’s thick, luscious and ready for it’s own close-up.

You’re ready for the kind of hair that doesn’t need to be fluffed in the mirror every time you go to the bathroom – because it looks perfect 24/7.

You’ve been on the lookout for the kind of hair that perfectly frames your face shape and your lifestyle – and you want it all from a high-quality Long Island salon that doesn’t deliver anything less than five-star perfection.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at Tomy B. Salon in Old Westbury, New York. We’re proud to provide Long Island residents with the glamorous hair services that lead to more pictures, more head swivels, and more confidence. We’re also delighted to introduce our new blog, where you’ll find all the latest information on hot hair trends, how-to guides for choosing your best hair color, and what you need to do to keep your Tomy B. Salon looking picture-perfect.

After all, a good hair day shouldn’t end as soon as you step outside the salon – and at Tomy B.’s, we’re dedicated to giving you the knowledge you need to keep your stunning, model-like hair shiny and gorgeous.

So what can you expect to see when you browse through our new blog? Take a look:

You’ll get the latest insider information on trendy hairstyles before you even see them in all the celebrity gossip magazines. As an expert stylist trained in France and Israel, Tomy B. isn’t just another stylist chasing after trendy haircuts – he’s setting them. This gives us a significant advantage in helping you learn about unique and beautiful haircuts right before they’re about to become famous.

You’ll discover how to keep your hairstyle looking fabulous and flawless, no matter where your journey may take you. Whether you’re about to visit the humid beaches of Puerto Rico or need to learn how to battle back against environmental damage from city life, you’ll find surprisingly useful techniques regularly posted in this blog.

We’ll also have a little fun with this blog too. From listing the worst celebrity haircuts of all time to sharing embarrassing bad hair day moments, this blog will inject a little fun and laughter into the pursuit of perfect hair.

Readers, we’re turning this over to you. What do you want to see posted in this blog over the coming months? Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!