Finding the perfect haircut according to your face shape and personality can be a tricky task. Many hairstyles might attract you but it’s not necessarily going to work for you the same way it does on the model in the picture. On the other hand a haircut you may think of as mundane could look stunning on you. The best way to find the perfect haircut is to consult an expert hairstylist… but if your going to determine what haircut is best yourself start with what kind of face shape you have.

Look in the mirror and find out about the basic shape of your face. You can do so by doing the basic measurements with a ruler of your forehead, chin, and jawbones. If the width of your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead is almost equal than you have round to the oval face. People with heart-shaped face have broad forehead but narrow jawbones, while the equal width and length of the face means you have the square shape.

Selecting an appropriate haircut according to the face shape is very important. Once you have determined the face shape you can start looking at pictures on pinterest and of celebrities with the same face shape.

Round face

The long layer with silky smooth hair looks perfect on the round face because the sleek layers can hide the bulk around the cheeks and gives an elongated sexy look.

Short bob, just above the shoulders, looks great on round-faced women.

Try a Pixie haircut as it really compliments the cheekbones and eyes.

Oval Face

The shoulder length layers look superb with the oval face and you can add some curls at the edges to look fabulously glamorous.

If your face tends to be longer in shape, you can try front straight bangs. The blunt bangs across the brow line give an illusion of short face structure and look amazing.

Short Pixie looks extremely ravishing and feminine on oval faced women

Square Face

Long and straight hair is meant to make the square faced women gorgeous and stunning as they create an illusion of elongation.

Soft Waves in shoulder length hair give a feminine look to soften a square face type.

Soft, tapered bob is a perfect hairstyle for the square face shape.

Heart Shape Face

Bouncy Bob is a kind of hairstyle which enhances the beauty of the heart-shaped face.

Long layered Waves are the best hairstyle for this face cut.

  Keep in mind, face shape is only the first thing to consider when finding the ideal haircut for you. Hair hair texture, type and thickness also plays a major roll in your haircut. At Tomy B. Salon, Long Island we offer complimentary hair consultation. We are a luxury hair salon devoted to bringing you the best haircuts around!