Long Island Hair salon – Best Haircuts for Long and Thick Hair

Having long and thick hair is a true blessing, while people envy your incredible locks they have no idea the work that goes into it! While Long and Thick Hair is so envied so few people understand how heavy, hot and difficult it can be to work with. Long thick hair needs an expert stylist that can help you manage your hair and tame your hair so it doesn’t take over. You want your hair to be your BEST accessory… not your ONLY one!

Chic and trendy Haircuts for Long and Thick Hair:

Typically long and thick hair is seen in a bohemian, “I woke up like this” vibe because it takes too long to style or blow dry. This is not your only option… you can have trendy chic hair styles while keeping your length.

Angle around the face frame:

The shortest layer can be cut to frame the face while the rest of the layers can be mid to longer length for creating a sleek yet chic look. The face faming angle will lighten the weight of the hair around your face frame and help prevent long straight hair from pulling your face down and looking boring. An angle makes your hair more interesting instead of something one length and drab. Framing your face immediately will make a huge difference in your appearance.

U-shaped Cut with Swoopy Layers:

If you don’t want to lose the ravishing long length of hair simply opt for a U shaped hair cut as it strongly emphasizes the thickness and density. With this you can add body and fluff by getting long layers. It will surely make your hair locks appear sleek and polished while adding a glamorous twist to your routine hair style. This is opposed to a bunch haircut that will leave your ends looking bulky and un-flattering.


Layers can be the best possible option to dress up and polish the long, thick hair. You can get a classy combo of short layers with mid-length and long to create a truly celebrity style hair look. With this hair cut you can look absolutely head-turning with a high pony tail, side braids or messy buns. Cuteness will never go away with this kind of easy to manage hair cut. The undercut layers will come from the interior of your hair so that the hair is thinned out and easier to manage. You will have tons of layer on the interior that won’t be seen. This is the ideal way to style and cut thick long hair. It will prevent your hair from poofing out, you won’t see and distinct layers and “shelves” the hair will move naturally and beautifully.

Collagen Infusing Hair Treatment

It can be difficult to work with long thick hair when it takes forever to blow dry, fizzes out and does not hold a style. The collagen infusing hair treatment will stop frizz, cut down blow dry time and help hold style better. This treatment is ideal for long thick and unruly hair types.