the summer heat hits, you always will feel better with a clean sleek hairstyle, rather than a big frizzy mess that is constantly falling in your face! Below we offer simple how-to guides to creating sleek summer hairstyles.

Straight Hair

Hair looks much neater when blow-dried straight and does not stick to the face when humid, also straight hair never goes out of style!
Shampoo and condition hair
On towel dried hair apply a thermal protect spray (we suggest Tomy B. Define Retexturizing Cream)
Blow dry (then iron to finish look)
To make the hair look more interesting invest in a nice hair band or part the front hair to the side and accessorize with a colorful bobby pin or flower hair clip

You can simply pull all the hair back into a mid, high or low ponytail. To make a neat ponytail with some volume
Part the hair into 3 sections
Make a puff on the top. You can increase the height according to your face shape. Fasten with bob-pins
use gel or hairspray to slick the sides and settle fly-aways
Comb hair at the back and tie into a ponytail
Accessorize with a ribbon or warp a small piece of hair around your hair tie to create a chic look.

Fishtail Braid

A simple summer braid, sure to make a playful statement and pull your hair away from your face on a hot and humid day.
Pull hair back into a low pony and secure with an elastic
Split pony into two parts
Cross two small sections of hair from either side. Continue to criss cross small sections from either section until you reach the end and fasten with an elastic.
Remove the top elastic and loosen and play with the braid to your liking.


For wavy to curly hair, there is no need to straighten it if one does not have the time
On towel dried hair use a bit of a leave-in conditioner (we recommend Tomy B. Leave-In Detangler)
Fasten hair in a ponytail
Twist hair and wrap around pony
Secure with bobby pins
Accessorize with clip in bow or flower for a fun summer look
Note: if hair is fine, you can slightly back comb using a root lift spray of hairspray.