Long Island Hair Salon – What Are Healthier Hair Color Options?

The gorgeous hair locks have always been symbolized as a part of the strong feminine charms of the women. Modern hair color trends have made it an essential part of fashion to mark one’s personal style. Dying your hair is not just for covering your natural hair color or grey hair but to adopt the streaming fashion trend. No matter how much we love the millennial pink hair, balayge, ombre, fiery redheads and many latest hair fashions, we must admit the fact that all these hair dyes contain a cocktail of toxic chemicals. You must be wondering… is there a healthier hair color option? Please read on to find out.

Chemicals to Avoid When Coloring Hair

You must be aware of some of the chemicals in hair dyes that can be very harmful for your skin and health. You hope your beauty professionals have good knowledge about these chemicals and they can guide you, but that is not always the case. Sometimes you need to be your own advocate… especially if you choose to buy a hair dye yourself make sure that these chemicals do not appear on the ingredient list as they can be harmful to you.

  • PPD (p- Phenylenediamine):  This is often found in dark color shades and PPD is known for its severe allergic reaction. It safe to either avoid it or do patch test before the application.PPD’s are used to stretch pigmentation to make it cheaper for he consumer and leave the hair with a “shoe-polish” affect.
  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate): The purpose of SLS is to improve the function of the hair dye product by breaking the surface and separate the molecules. It can cause skin allergy, irritation and even posses the threat of cancer.
  • Ammonia: It’s a colorless gas with certain bad smell and it’s vastly found in most hair dyes. It a harsh chemical which is very toxic, and it can make your hair loose the moisture and protein making the hair look very dull and flat after coloring… it can also damage the hair shaft and follicle.
  • Parabens: They are used in skin care and hair color products to preserve them, but they can be absorbed in your skin and can be found in blood and urine causing serious harm to your health.

Avoid Bleach and Use High-lift Color

Bleach is a kind of chemical that is usually used in highlighting hair but its unstable, damages hair shaft and can over process causing breakage to your hair strands. Its better that you use high lift color. High lift color has a permanent great effect and wont damage the hair when used correctly.

Use Glazes after Hair Color

It increases the moisture level and shine of hair.

Do Not Use Formaldehyde

It’s extremely dangerous to breath, bad for your health and is commonly found in Brazilian Blow outs and Keratin Treatments. Some straightening products use Aldehydes which when heated become formaldehyde.

Organic Hair Dye?

Wondering why we never suggest organic hair color.. because organic hair dye does not exist. Find out more information on why hair color can’t be organic from GoodHouseKeeping.com 

At Tomy B. Salon. Long Island we pride ourselves on maintaining the integrity of the hair. We only use products that are safe and effective. Never suffer from bleached out highlights or shoe-polish looking hair color. For Softer, Shinier Hair Color call 516-621-4100