Long Island Hair Salon – Top Costumes and Hairstyles for Halloween 2018 

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about a most stunning, weirdest, wackiest and awe-inspiring costume to wear on this Halloween. Instead of buying a regular and unattractive costume from the store, we recommend that you should design your own scarier Halloween costume and adopt a hairstyle that matches with it. Sounds like a tricky task!  But it will be much easier if you look for an

 inspiration around you and start planning from a head to toe. The impact of your Halloween costume is always enhanced with a right kind of hairstyle and makeup. Here we will share all the best and easy-to-do ideas for creative costumes and hairstyles.


Gorgeous Wonder Woman Waves:

The superheroes costumes are the best and easiest option to choose on Halloween and you can complete a perfect look with the exact hairstyle. You can easily create a wonder woman’s costume with a golden headband

 make those

 perfect and frizz free waves. All you need is a large round hair brush, blow-dryer and de-frizzing products.


Unicorn Style:

Unicorn is the most magical and mesmerizing creature and you can easily create an out of the world costume. To elevate the magical look, you can play with glitters, colored hair sprays and rainbow hues for hair embellishment

and add a unicorn horn for completing the look.

Cat Ear Hair:

Black tights and body-hugging T shirt is all that you need to create a funky

 cat women costume and make it look more vividly real; you can do a cat makeover. You won’t need to worry about the cat ears as you can easily make a hairstyle for the look. Divide your hair in two equal parts and make ear shaped buns with the help of hair setting sprays.

Devil’s Head:

Make an ordinary Halloween costume extra spooky by getting a red colored hair extension attached to your hair and you can easily transform it into a devils horn by making buns.

Lions Mane:

Get inspiration from the wild life and create a costume that depicts the look of the king of jungle. Make the awesome lion’s mane by using a wig of frizzy, full volume hair.

Neon Wig:

The easiest and sexiest Halloween hairstyles can be agorgeous looking neon colored wig and you can pair it up with any kind of wacky outfit.