Why is Halloween only associated with a costume only? We think that hairstyles also play an important role in this regard. Messy and Wild hairstyles are a fun way to bring excitement to your costume. Halloween hairstyle ideas depend on several things such as the length of your hair, the costume you chose- do you want to use a wig?

It’s time to get out your hair styling tools, sprays, rollers, irons, and all of your hair accessories you have at home! So, here are some ideas for Halloween 2017 on Long Island.

Witch Hair

A Witch is one of the most traditional looks for Halloween. Have fun with your witch costume this year and step outside of the typical green wig or straight black hair. You are allowed to choose any color you like- get inspired by Hocus Pocus “The Sanderson Sisters” and opt for a fiery red hair color! You can use hair spray paint colors, hair chalk or a wig to get the scary witchy hair color you want!

Vampire Hair

Vampire hair is black hair combined with red or white stripes. This is a sexy incising look that can be done with any hair length. You just need to highlight your hair with red or white paint. This is a simple way to complete your vampire Halloween costume—  You can also have the tips of your hair dyed red only instead of having stripes all over. It will look like your hair is dipped in blood for a scarier look!

The Fairy or Goddess Look

If you want to look sweet, innocent and good spirited this Halloween, then try to go for a feminine, humble, and neat look. Long cascading curls like lady Godiva will play into your good goddess look. For those who have natural waves then this is the perfect opportunity to simply wash go!

If you are going for a princess, ballerina or just more sophisticated Halloween costume slick your hair back into a high bun and accessories with a tiara or sparkly grown.

Use a Wig

If you can’t work with the hair you have, or simply do not have the time to style your own hair then opt for a wig. Wigs make the biggest impact on Halloween and really help you get into character. If you want to be unrecognizable or are looking to win “best dressed” this Halloween definitely consider a wig!

All the above hairstyles are easy to achieve. Choose a hairstyle that accentuates your Halloween costumes for a head to toe spook-tacular look!