One of the first things people notice about you is your hair. Smooth, shiny, healthy hair that is put together nicely is not only a good looker, but also represents a sign of everlasting youth and energy. Having your hair done up just right can make or break the first impression at a gathering, and when it comes to making first impressions, our celebrities always take the top prize.

The 2016 Emmys:
The biggest night in TV began with great pomp and show as usual. As our favorite TV characters strolled by, pausing for a few moments on the luscious red carpet for a picture or short interview, they made sure to show off their latest styles and hair dos. As usual the Emmys were a glamorous affair, full of some great new hairstyles and hair color trends that we know you will love. Read on to learn more about what really stood out and completed an amazing look for some of your favorite stars:

  1. Kerry Washington:
    If you ever had to put a name to perfect curls, it would be Kerry Washington. The star outshone here fellow TV celebrities at the red carpet with her big, bouncy curls. The curls beautifully complemented her baby bump and helped her pull of a complete look few can accomplish.
  2. Olivia Culpo:
    The year 2016 is one where going back to your roots and staying original are the top themes in fashion. What better way to pull of these trends than with a simple, original style that says everything without being excessive or too much over the top? It seems that is exactly what Olivia Culpo’s stylist, Sir John had in mind. Minimal makeup with the hair pulled back all the way helped Culpo pull off an elegant and original look.
  3. Sophie Turner:
    The stunning Sophie Turner turned more heads than anyone else at the Emmys with a combination of hair trends. A loose, wavy braid that showed off her true blonde hair was a welcome change from the dark red we are used to seeing her in.
  4. Taraji P. Henson:
    If there is one star that you know will steal the show, its Taraji P. Henson. Henson stood out with her beautifully curled, shoulder length hair that lent her personality a bold, unafraid look.
  5. Sarah Hyland:
    The lovable Modern Family star stole attention at the Emmys thanks to some insightful creativity at her hair salon. Hyland came out wearing rose gold hair that beautifully complemented her complexion. Her hair color is one we really loved – a blend between shades that has a soft, calming effect on the eyes and adds a touch of dignity to your personality.

Our TV stars are icons of fashion no matter where they are. The very best of fashion and future trends is what comes out in force at events like the Emmys so choose wisely, and you may very well find your perfect new look.