We lose up to 100 strands of hair a day. So all of the hair left in your brush or on the bathroom floor is quite normal. But when do you need to push the alarm button on excessive hair loss. And is your hair breaking off, or is it falling out?
We asked our favorite professional hair expert and stylist Tomy B. owner of Tomy B. Salon, to explain the difference, because most of us did not even know there was a difference!  Understanding these differences are key to solving your problem! And We Are Here To Help.

  • When hair naturally falls from the root, you are experiencing hair loss. Hair Loss is 70% hereditary and 30% chemical. You may not be able to prevent it but you can certainly take steps to keep your hair as healthy as possible.
  • Hair Breakage is due to a lack of proper hair treatment, which includes over-processing, neglect, application of product, and tension on hair (seen especially in those wearing weaves, braids, etc.). Curly hair is especially prone to breakage due to it’s texture and likelihood to tangle and snag.

How To Tell The Difference: Just look at the hair in your brush; if the root is still attached (the white bulb that clients often mistake for dandruff or product buildup), you’re losing hair. If the ends are frayed or look chewed, this is most certainly breakage and should be addressed.
Fix The Problem!

  • One way to decrease both hair loss and breakage is to be super diligent during detangling. Being extra gentle, use a wide-toothed comb and take extra care to condition your strands.
  • Regular trims are also important to reduce breakage.
  • Eating healthy! Water, a healthy diet, biotin supplements, and weekly deep conditioning treatments will all go far to contribute to the overall health of your hair.
  • STOP BLEACHING! For all of you blondes, bleach is a major problem. You are not only increasing breakage but also using very toxic chemicals on your roots which can lead to hair loss and other health problems. Tomy B. Salon uses a special color lifting formula designed to lift your natural color rather than using harsh bleaching that causes tremendous damage.
  • Don’t Wait to see a doctor! If you are noticing serious hair loss, consult with a specialist. There are several hair loss solutions out there and the sooner you get on top of it the better!

These tips are sure to help… but for more on how Tomy B. Salon specializes in fixing breakage comment below. We are always here to help you out and if you are suffering from hair breakage we suggest reading about our Collagen Infusing Treatment.