Tomy B. lends some great advise to survive the growing out process!

Sweep them to the side… When your bangs are in that funky in-between phase where they are hanging in your face and you just can’t figure out what to do with them sweep them to the side. I know it hurts to even think about bringing a scissor to them when you are trying to grow them out, but just a little re-angling will do wonders to sporting the side-swept bang with confidence… that is until they fully grow out.

Slick ’em back! If you have curly or kinky hair we suggest blowing them out first or using a flat iron right at the root so they can be swept back smoothly. Make sure you blow or iron them Back (not forward!), allowing the bangs to be easily incorporated into your hairstyle. Use a bit of hair spray or boby pins to keep them in place.

Keep your bangs moisturized. Add a little Tomy B. Leave-In Conditioner on the ends.

The Side Braid.  Apply a small amount of Tomy B. Calm or Define Re-texturizing Cream to your bangs to keep those extra pieces tucked in without the crunch of hairspray and gel. Create a two-strand twist (weaving two sections of hair over to one side) or a French Braid. This is a great fund way to keep those long bangs out of your face.

Pick a part. A side part is easier when growing bangs out. Section your bangs when your hair is wet before blow-drying. This way your bangs won’t kink or go the wrong way!

Give them a lift. Have fun by styling into a mini pompadour. Twist bangs up with a little Tomy B. Control Volumizing Hairspray and secure with bobby pins.

Don’t wear the same style every day. If you always pull your bangs over to the side, they’re going to become damaged and won’t grow as quickly. Change it up!

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Vintage brooches, Great Gatsby inspired head pieces and beaded hair clips are a great way to pull bangs back and add luxe detail. Bobby pins are another alternative — look to the runway and red carpet for inspiration and incorporate neon and metallic finishes or stack three or four in a row.

Emmy Rossum Uses Stacked Clips To Pin Her Bangs To The Side At The Onyx And Breezy Foundation’s “Saving Tails” Fundraiser on April 13, 2013




Tell us in the comment section how you like to wear your bangs during that awful growing-out stage!