Summer 2012 was the summer of the fishtail braid it was seen everywhere on celebrities, from the beach to the red carpet. One of the great things about the fishtail braid is that a little bit of messy ends and a bit of frizz usually make it look fabulous.  We are not here to bash anyone, and we are really loving Ashley Tisdale’s hair color  but we are not so fond of the fishtail braid she sported on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. This usually chic fun look took a turn for the worst, with too much frizz and way too messy!

Here are some of our Fishtail do’s and don’t, unfortunately Ashley Tisdale made our Don’t list on the Jimmy Fallon Show, let us know what you think in the comment section below!


For a full fishtail braid to look good you need fairly long and thick hair. Texturized hair typically works best for a full fishtail braid… If your hair is straight, fine and shoulder length or shorter opt for the chic and sleek version of the fishtail braid as shown in the photo above.

ashley tisdale fishtail braid gone right

We wanted to give Ashley Tisdale an opportunity to redeem herself.. and she did! This fishtail braid is super edgy and stylish— love it!

fishtail braids

For an evening out keep your fishtail braid smooth and polished. A delicate and elegant side swept braid is the perfect way to sport this trend at an evening affair.



fishtail braid1

Showcase your hair color with this fishtail braid gone right! this is the perfect way for someone with super thick, long straight hair to show off their amazing hair color!

fishtail braid miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus nailed the fishtail braid on the red carpet! — get her look using lots and lots of hair extensions!!

blake Lively fishtail

Blake Lively sweeped all her hair back into a sleek high pony for this awesome take on the fishtail braid. The contrast of the slick back hair around her face and slightly frizzy, unpolished fishtail pony really complimented each other for stunning attention grabbing look on the red carpet.