It’s nothing new that every season comes with a style all it’s own. Though the sun-kissed locks you’ve loved all summer might be hard to let go of, Fall is knocking and trust me, you’ll want to answer the door. Kick your summertime sadness to the curb and say “hello” to the fabulous fall 2015 hairstyles.

Pony Tails

You’ve already mastered the pony tail but this fall, feel free to take some creative license and rock the typical pony tail in a not-so-typical way. Ditch the height and tie your hair a little lower. The lower pony says sophisticated instead of seventh grade sleepover. For added flair, Sweep all your hair to the side for an easy and chic look appropriate for a day’s work or a night on the town. Just left the gym? You’re in luck! The messy, low profile pony is a super low maintenance fall favorite. If you’re feeling a little fancier, try a few twists or braids into a low pony. Adding the different textures will really up your pony tail game.

Beach Waves

So I know I said you had to kiss summer goodbye but you can take a little of the beach with you into this fall! Beach waves are in and they’re beautiful. Loose, flowing, and simple, use a curling wand or wet set your hair in loose buns or braids with a little sea salt spray to achieve this stylish for-all-seasons favorite.

Side Parts

Maybe you’ve always worn a side part, maybe you’re more of a middle part or maybe you never even thought about choosing sides- either way, side parts are the new black. Whether you choose a hard left or a hard right, pick a side and style it! Curly, straight, or natural, the side part transcends any and all hair types.

French Twist

This is not your mother’s french twist. Instead of shellacking your hair in a cloud of hairspray, this more casual version is easier to achieve and even more fashion forward. Leave pieces tousled, braid and pin, or knot it back- any way you choose is sure to fit in this fall.

Accessorize Your Hair

Add on to any of these looks by accessorizing with a clip, pins, or a headband. Leather and gold are beautiful accents for this fall’s runway looks, why not add them into your beauty arsenal too? Leather headbands, cuffs, and ties are great ways to spice up an ordinary hair day. Metal accents like clips or pins are also fun little ways to add pops of fashion inspiration.