We bought the dyson airwrap complete from Ulta.com

Dyson Airwrap Review

We purchased the Dyson air warp styler complete from Ulta to give you our complete un-biased review.

Lets start with what comes inside the box….

The Dyson Airwrap comes with 8 attachments

3 Brushes: Firm Brush, Soft Brush and Round Brush

4 Curling Barrels: two 1.2 inch barrels, two 1.6 inch airway barrels

1 Dryer Attachement

The Packaging

CON: The box is heavy, and cumbersome. This is not something you would want to travel with or move around. It’s a lot of equipment to store and does not fit in a bathroom draw. The best place to store this for easy access is out on your bathroom counter or the cabinet under the sink.

PRO:The packaging is beautiful leather that makes you feel luxurious, the styling and esthetic is high end and beautiful.

Curling Attachements:


1.Each size barrel comes in two, you need to switch the barrel for each side so that the curls area always turning away from your face. Switching barrels is super easy and a non-issue.

2. Works great on medium to short hair.

3. Can use with just ONE HAND!

4. No sectioning or irons needed


1.Can tangle and knot long hair… only good for medium to short hair

2. When using from WET creates frizz and the root and never really dries your root.



  1. Round Brush works great on ALL hair lengths and types. It is easy to use and style your hair.


2. Smoothing brushes can snag hair and are a bit rough and heave on the head.

Pre-Styling Dryer


We found the this works great as descried… it dries the root and helps get rid of moisture and preps your hair for styling with the other tools.


This tool is not strong enough to use as a regular blow dryer and its strength is way weaker than Dyson blow dryer.


We found after extensive use of the Dyson air-wrap it does not live up to its price tag. While the styling tool is beautiful the truth is that curls styled from wet don’t hold great. The tools are easy to use but one work on medium length to short hair and on hair of medium thickness….  But if your hair is very thick, very fine or delicate or too long or too short the tools will knot, tangle or frizz your hair.

For the price of $549 you do get a ton of hair styling tools, but they should work better on all hair types. IF you have shoulder length medium thick hair these tools might be worth it. Unfortunately  these tools fell short when tested on all hair types.

The DYSON AIRWRAP is not designed for professional use, so to make sure our experience was accurate we used the tool on ourselves and had everyone else tried it out the use it on themselves as well.