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Why do Curly Haircuts require Dry Hair?

At Tomy B. Salon Long Island, we firmly believe that every hair texture is unique and deserves specialized attention. When it comes to curly haircuts, the requirements tend to be more specialized because curly hair is strikingly different. It requires superior expertise because there is so much that can go wrong by cutting or even trimming curly hair.

Each kind of curly hair requires different treatment, and this is something we learned early on in our training. Tomy, growing up in Israel has been working with several kinds of curly hair since he was a young teen training. Curly hair tends to look best when it’s cut while the hair is dry. Unlike straight and wavy hair that needs to blown dry straight for an accurate cut….curly hair needs to be air dried or diffused to see its natural curl.

Curly Haircut: Dry Hair Strands

Every curl has its own unique shape, size and stretch factors that need to be identified and treated accordingly. When the hair is wet, it can be quite difficult to identify the unique shape and stretch factor of each curl. This can cause the final look of the haircut to be disappointingly undesirable.

On the other hand, when the hair is dry, curly haircuts are more precise, and the hairstylist can achieve the desired shape with greater accuracy. At our Long Island Hair Salon, we embrace the diversity and texture of curly hair as opposed to running away from it. We use a specialized technique of shaping up and cutting curls, which is performed when the hair is 100% dry, allowing the curls to lay naturally.

We even cut curly hair is steps sometimes. We may have your come back after a few days of washing to go over your cut.

We have a highly specialized and distinctive technique of catering to curly and wavy hair. We encourage our clients to love their hair as much as we do, and we are here to help them enjoy a truly beautiful, well-shaped and low-maintenance haircut that inspires confidence.

Bad haircuts can be challenging to grow out, and when you have a head full of curly locks, the struggle is real because curly haircuts take years to grow out.

When it comes to curly haircuts, there is very little room for experimentation. Each cut needs to be precise to achieve the desired shape and create a haircut that is flattering and satisfying. We strongly recommend curly hair goddesses against choosing inexperienced hair stylists.

If your chosen hairstylist is willing to cut your wet curly strands, it’s a clear sign that you’ve made the wrong choice. For further information about curly hair maintenance and styling, feel free to get in touch with our hair styling experts for a detailed consultation session.


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