Long Island Hair Salon- Why Dry Hair Cuts are Best?

It’s a general misconception that a haircut has to be done with wet hair, let’s just burst this myth and reveals the fact that the best hair stylists and hair experts believe that a superb haircut is always done on dry hair. If you have been going to the salons for ages and getting a hair cut with wet hair, you have never experienced the true potential beauty and style of your hair! The experts are of the opinion that a real hairstyle can only be formed when your hair is properly washed, conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed.  The method of cutting wet hair has not only being outdated but is not done by masterly hands at all! Mostly the hair stylists who do wet hair cutting, blew them out and redo and fix some of the parts again as they could not find out the some of the spots while wet. Here are some of the main reasons why you must opt for dry hair cut.

Wet Haircut is Just a Guessing Game

You must have noticed that your wet hair have much different texture, shape, and color than dry hair. Even the hair length looks shorter and hair look frizzier when wet and you cannot see the highlights spots clearly. While cutting hair in such different condition the hair stylist is just playing a guessing game to your hair and he may win too sometimes but the true potential of the hair is never disclosed this way. If hair are dried and settled, you can see the size and shape which is needed and which style to be focused and there is lesser or almost no chance of any mistake in styling according to the requirement of hair.

Curly and Wavy Hair are Never Mistreated while Dry Hair Cut

The process of dry hair cut is that hair are shampoo washed, conditioned and blow dried to make them fresh and ready for the new look. They are made straight with the flat iron before the cut so that nothing gets missed out and the required shape goes perfectly well. If hair look great and well balanced while dry they look perfect while wet too! It’s a fact that wavy and curly hair are usually mistreated by the stylists while wet hair cutting as they make them either too short or not properly balanced.

Wet Cutting can be Harsh to Thin Hair

You might have experienced harsh treatment to hair while wet cutting as the stylist has to comb them again and again while cutting them. This causes damage and undue breakage especially to the curly, fragile and thinner hair. The perfectly straight and dry hair face lesser damage on the other hand as they can be easily combed and cut.

Dry Hair will let You Decide the exact Length you needed

It has happened many times that you imagine getting just the perfect length but after haircut, it seemed shorter or longer and disappointing too! To avoid this dejection you can opt for getting dry hair cut. You will get just a customized hair cut according to your personality and requirements.