Curly Hair Girls Rejoice: 5 Simple tips to rocking your curly hair!


Love your curls, but constantly fighting frizz? It is the worst, and humid weather does not help either. Here are some easy tips to managing your curly hair.

1. DO NOT wash your hair every day. When you wash your hair daily you are stripping it of its natural oils resulting in a dry frizz mess. Curly hair requires a lot more moisture than straight hair, it should not be washed daily, you should only be washing your hair 2-4 times a week.

2. Use a a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. we recommend Tomy B. Hair Everyday Shampoo & Conditioner. This will help hydrate your hair, keep out humidity and add shine.

3. Use a anti-frizz cream on damp hair to eliminate the frizz and give your curls definition.  Always use a conditioner based cream to lock in moisture and keep the hair soft and touchable. Gel may hold your curls but they will be stiff and crunchy. We recommend using Tomy B. Hair Miracle Styling Cream.

4. DO NOT cut top layers! Top layers are the worst for curly hair, your hair will frizz and separate. There are two ways to cut curly hair so it looks stunning. Either you cut into the curls to loosen them or your cut layers from underneath to show length and give movement to the hair without just creating a puff ball!

5. ALWAYS cut curly hair dry. Curly hair shrinks, curls and moves on its own. To cut curly hair your need to follow its natural shape and movement.


Tell us how you style your curls in the comment box below.

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